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    New & Powerful: Dragonair SM is the New Blastoise?

    I actually have a lot of experience with Dragonair, and me and my friend have been testing it since release. We've found that Xerneas BREAK is the best option with it, as you don't mind losing the prize race, and with his list we were able to hit 200+ turn 3 and on. The whole thing is pretty...
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    Standard M-Rayqauza w/ Magearna

    ummm... Just saying you only play 3 draw supporters... You overestimate the power of shaymin.
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    Sylveon EX deck. Dressing for the occasion.

    What are the remoraids for? You don't play octillery! My changes -1 Weakness policy -1 birch -1 floral crown -1 Diancie -2 remoraid +2 shaymin -ex +1 max elixir +2 Vs seeker +1 Scyamore Hope this is helpful -SquirtleScrub
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    Standard Tyrantrum/Hitmonlee Viability?

    Although not necessary, the second shaymin is nice, and I hate how there is a 10ish% chance that i can't get set up due to shaymin being prized. I do agree with adding one Hitmonlee, so thank you on that. I was testing Hoopa and it gets lysandered too often, which can be a waste of either a...
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    Standard Tyrantrum/Hitmonlee Viability?

    So i was browsing around at the promos in TCGONE and i came across tyrantrum ex: i know it has been used competitively with bronzong in the past, but i think it could potentialy be viable in the current standard format. Here is the list i've been testing Pokemon: 8 1 Giratina -EX AOR 93 1...
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    Fun What is your favorite deck?

    My favorite deck is medicham/lucario ever since I one shoted a darkrai -ex with a meditate using smack for the game at a league challenge
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    Pokemon What is the Most Plentiful Pokemon in Your Area?

    If i had a eevee for every ratatta i had... Well i would have a lot of eevees ;)