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  1. AlphaTheKineticGuardian

    Pokemon World Championships Again Delayed Until Next Year

    As a fellow resident of the UK, I wish you safety dude, and to your family who are putting themselves at risk to help others. Also wishing everyone else reading this safety too, we'll all get through it, there's hope for things to get better soon.
  2. AlphaTheKineticGuardian

    'Eruption Walker' Japan's Mini-Set for April!

    What about with Intelleon engine to accelerate evos? Might make the mon lineup a little heavy but it beats the consistency problem a little bit
  3. AlphaTheKineticGuardian

    'VMAX Rising,' Japan's February Set!

    Exactly that, they feel like they need something fresh every time but what they don't realise is that they struck gold two generations ago (honestly, I'd immediately buy any pair of games that introduced new Megas).
  4. AlphaTheKineticGuardian

    'VMAX Rising,' Japan's February Set!

    Dude, you literally just nullified your argument by being petty and immature, at least be constructive and open instead of being childish In all honesty, I feel half and half with this. On one hand, Dynamax and especially Gigantamax look like really good mechanics and could have potentially...
  5. AlphaTheKineticGuardian

    'VMAX Rising,' Japan's February Set!

    It better be Gen 4 remakes or I will sue GF. :D Jokes aside, I feel it would give a good opportunity to add back mons that were absent from Sw/Sh if Gen 4 was remade, since they'd have to add the missing ones from the originals and plus you have the motif of dimesions/time and space with the...
  6. AlphaTheKineticGuardian

    Pokemon VMAX, Sword & Shield Cards, Meowth V MAX Special Collection Revealed!

    I absolutely love these V-Max cards, basically combines the raw power of Tag Teams with the option of running their smaller forms like regular GXs. Just love the idea of strategising when is the best time to go V-Max (if at all) based on the power of the V-Max, your opponent's board state etc.
  7. AlphaTheKineticGuardian

    Hop Full Art Promo Revealed!

    Oh god, running a quarter of your deck with +2 supporters is actually possible (For those who will say it's +3, you lose one card, therefore -1, to gain three, being -1 + 3 = +2; that being said, Erika is then a +3 to your opponent for a +2 for you as a result)
  8. AlphaTheKineticGuardian

    Galarian Ponyta Revealed in Famitsu Magazine, Fairy-Type

    Perhaps, though Natural Cure forces you to switch out to activate while this is passive and Refresh etc. takes a turn to use (granted, they do remove other status such as paralysis and sleep to be fair). In all honesty, I can see this ability being used on wall/stall strategies to protect...
  9. AlphaTheKineticGuardian

    New Pokemon Officially Announced, But It's a Glitched Image!

    Possibly, but I think it's more likely that it'll follow the same path as Cubone -> Alolan Marowak
  10. AlphaTheKineticGuardian

    Ash Ketchum Finally Wins a Pokemon League! Will His Anime Run End?

    This is where the bombshell is dropped that Pikachu was finally willing to evolve, with the kicker that he becomes Alolan Raichu as a memento of Alola and Ash becoming champion there
  11. AlphaTheKineticGuardian

    'Remix Bout,' Japan's July Set!

    Porygon Z would like a word
  12. AlphaTheKineticGuardian

    SM11 Miracle Twins!

    Might be a decent inclusion in Porygon Z so that it can be accelerated
  13. AlphaTheKineticGuardian

    SM11 Miracle Twins!

    And you have access to Green's Exploration turn one because of lack of abilities, which can get you a research center and another trainer for turn two (or maybe another unidentified fossil for later on in the game?) Love this card, so much potential for fossils to do well with it
  14. AlphaTheKineticGuardian

    SM11 Miracle Twins!

    Terrakion smashes spread decks I guess, neat Heracross could be a good one of if you want to counter your opponent after a GX move too but I feel they could retaliate back to easy or it would be too late (e.g. Pikarom probably would have a benched copy set up and Reshizard would have already...
  15. AlphaTheKineticGuardian

    2020 Standard Format Announced, Goes Into Effect Before Worlds!

    Due to the McDonalds sets, cards such as Eevee (SUM) may not be rotating if I'm correct. Dunno how that would work though considering there are some differences between places like the UK and USA (e.g. I think alo Vulpix was added to USA but not UK as far as I remember)
  16. AlphaTheKineticGuardian

    'Lucario & Melmetal-GX Box' in June!

    So we've got ReshiZard and MelCario boxes coming? Fingers crossed for a GardEon box!
  17. AlphaTheKineticGuardian

    Ultra PRO Pikachu and Eevee Products in June!

    Only Pikachu for me, Eevee is adorable
  18. AlphaTheKineticGuardian

    'Unbroken Bonds,' May's English SM10 Set!

    I thought it was pretty funny tbh :D That aside, Gathering of Cats is going to be one of my favourite archetypes to come out this set, only second to Gardevoir/Sylveon
  19. AlphaTheKineticGuardian

    Standard GardVeon Tag Team Decklist (Upcoming standard)

    Guess I misunderstood that it wasn't Oranguru AND Zebstrika as a deck but I do get your point; using the secondary effect may not always be the best goal. I have looked into the MelCario matchup, it's going to be the biggest problem for this deck to face in my eyes; Whims is in there to help...