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    “Pokemon TCG Pocket” Immersive Collecting App Coming in 2024!

    They used to have ingame purchases in ptcgo up to 2016. I don’t think they regret it. The profit would be minimal and create a risk of headlines of kids taking their parents credit cards. That is not a good headline for any company. And as they don’t have to have ingame purchases, they probably...
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    Iron Leaves and Walking Wake from Crimson Haze!

    Virizion not only replaces tropius post rotation, but it is a great upgrade.
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    Scoop Up Net Also Banned from Expanded Internationally

    Not really. Some stuff is specificly suposed to target multi prize pokémon like Ceruledge and other are supposed to target all ”Unique” Pokémon. They are used within their own enviroments.
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    Reuniclus from “Wild Force” and “Cyber Judge”

    If we Evert get any broken fossil ability, then this is the way
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    Standard Format Rotation Announced for April, Expanded Remains Neglected

    Haterene Vmax should survive rotation
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    Hero’s Cape ACE SPEC Revealed from “Cyber Judge!”

    As long as lost vacuum exist this card should never see play outside some specific cases in controll decks. (Gardevoir provvalet doesn’t need this and would prefer to play a different ace spec)
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    Mist Energy, Rabsca from “Wild Force” and “Cyber Judge”

    This is not an auto win against sableye. This will however be a high powered counter to lost box. But lost box will easily be able to adapt by playing cross switcher + canceling cologne or just Iron hands. Cool card that ad depth to deck building and metagaming when considering we already have...
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    New Raihan and XY-Era Promos Releasing for Japan’s “Extra Battle Day” Tournaments!

    Bad idea. We need the game game to be balanced and every type being competitivly viable.
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    Natu from “Paldean Fates” Revealed!

    new Natu meta!!!!!!
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    TM Crisis Shot, Students in Paldea, and Other New Cards from “Shiny Treasure ex!”

    You actually only need to discard 1 student in order to get okay value out of the card. The magic happens when you have 2 in the discard pile. While we will probably just stick to research and iono, this aint that bad
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    Kingdra from “Ancient Roar”

    Kingdra has rouge potential. Possibly a 1 of if we ever get another good kingdra card. While it is more difficult to do consistent damage turn to turn with this attack, it is much stronger than discarding important trainer cards with the attack.
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    Pikachu Promo #101 Releasing at Pokemon Leagues!

    With generator in the format, this might be an optimal pikachu. At least as a 1 of
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    Milotic from “Future Flash”

    I love this ability. It allows for unique and never seen before gameplay options. Depth of consequens thinking will be increased, in order to avoid this ability losing you the game, or getting the maximum value out of this card. Having to bench a 30 HP Feebas and wait a turn in order to get...
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    “Paradox Rift” English Prerelease Promos Revealed!

    decent picks for pre release promos however, if paradox future gets a promo then paradox past should also have gotten one. maybe replace Aegislash with Brute Bonnet. even though chi yu is bad, it makes sense to have one promo being one of the ruined Pokémon
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    Crobat Evolution Line from “Ancient Roar”

    Fun effect but bad. If this is a filler card, then I’m in love. If it’s a holo card, then I’m mad
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    Palkia, Zekrom, Zacian from “Raging Surf!”

    It’s not about removing their comfey. It is about the ease of getting 1 prize card while setting up your slower metal ex mons. Examples can be coperajah ex and revaroom ex.
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    Palkia, Zekrom, Zacian from “Raging Surf!”

    Zacian V should make some metal deck viable up untill rotation. The ability to ohko a comfey with any kind of damage modifier is really good
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    2024 Championship Season: Point Requirement Raised, Regionals Announced!

    not a single event in the nordic countries...
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    All 108 “Ruler of the Black Flame” Cards Revealed!

    Zard shouldn’t need good pre evos to be good. Zard will win or die depending on it’s ability to get out a stage 2 out before the opponent has taken more than 2 prize cards.
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    All 108 “Ruler of the Black Flame” Cards Revealed!

    Not every card are printed to be good. Some are printed just to be interesting. No shame in that.