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    Bluffing: What's Legal and What's Not

    Hmmm... Very interesting thread. When I'm playing a friendly match with my little brother, I bluff him all the time. It's funny to see some of the decisions he makes just because I say "I know what your going to do," or, "Are you sure you want to do that?" I would never do that in official...
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    sceptleblade411's rockin' trade thread! H: spiritomb and LUXRAY GL!

    RE: sceptleblade411's rockin' trade thread! H: HGSS! Cml for Arcanine and Ninetails HGSS.
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    Avatars and art. Closed. Use new thread.

    RE: Avatars and art. Read the rules. Zorua, Zoroark added. I'd like to use the Zoroa avatar.
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    The Nintendo Clan

    Mertoid: Other M Super Mario Galaxy 2 Sin and Punishment 2 Monster Hunter 3/Tri Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Red Steel 2 No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle (already out) Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars (already out) Pokemon HG/SS Golden Sun DS Infinite Space Dawn of Heroes But Since you want...
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    The Nintendo Clan

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    The Nintendo Clan

    The Classic Controller Pro has just been confirmed for a US release! Yay! It will be released along side Monster Hunter 3 and will retail at $19.99 MSRP. Thats the same as the original Classic Controller! You can also get it bundled with MH3, the combo of game plus controller being 60 bucks.
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    The Nintendo Clan

    Well, Glory of Heracles looks promising. Sands of destruction has been getting good reviews. I downloaded Dark Void Zero yesterday from the DSi shop, and thats just fantastic. And there is always Muscle March. :D
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    The Nintendo Clan

    ^Step and Roll? And InfernoBlaze, you might want to check reviews before buying BOTG: Dragons. And I will be downloading Dark Void Zero when it's released tomorrow.
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    Water Lugia? What? It's Ash's Torkoal All Over Again!!!

    RE: Water Lugia? What? It's Ash's Torkoal All Over Again! Lugia's a BIRD. That's why it's flying type. Why should it be dragon type?
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    The Nintendo Clan

    ^After watching it on Nintendo Week AND Today on the Spot, I'm actually considering Tvs.C. I just pre-ordered Heart Gold version and I will be downloading TOMI chapter 5 (when it's released). I hoped to get Dark Void, but my dad says it's too violent. (I'm a teenager, and he says I can't play a...
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    The Nintendo Clan

    Leader and co-leaders should start new topics.
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    What is the hardest boss of all games

    Final boss isn't too difficult. The thing that kills you is that it's impossible to escape the first Bowser without getting hit. As Meaty said, It's a lot easier with the propeller suit, but I beat him without it.
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    Great trader. +1
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    ~~ its geo baby

    RE: its geo baby Shipped fast. Protected well. +1
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    Great trader. Nothing bad. +1 Sorry took so long to give ref.
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    (3) Pokemon Sunday Shows Question Mark, HGSS Blister Pack, 5th Generation Evidence and Speculation [

    RE: (1) 5th Generation Evidence and Speculation [1/9] Great article! Really hope it's a 5th gen. I'm tired of new forms for only legendaries.[hr] I really doubt it would be that, since Gamefreak hasn't deved any of the console Pokémon games. (IIRC)
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    Best DS game of the year

    KH 358/2 Days. Pure awesomeness. And you forgot Fossil Fighters and Style Savvy.[hr] Isn't that from last year? Another one for the list should probably be DQV: Hand of the Heavenly Bride.
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    Bioshock 2

    You know that most of the people here are kids. You probably won't get much response.:P Anyway, I've heard Bioshock/bs2 are rpgs. But it's always come of to me as a shooter. So is it a shooter, an rpg, or a mix of both(like Borderlands)?
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    The Nintendo Clan

    Just curious, who did you guys vote for "best new character"? I voted Morgan LeFlay (Tales).