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  1. BlazeTK

    Best Prime in HGSS Unleashed!

    What's your favorite prime in HS-Unleashed. Please give a short reason why also. like I like Urasring Prime. I mean if you throw on an expert belt, and have like one damage counter, then hit for like 140 a turn. That's pretty cool. I've been playing it with Donphan and Flygon, for testing...
  2. BlazeTK

    The Abbreviation of HGSS Unleashed?

    I'm thinking HSUL. (I'd better add more than just that considering how mods are here...) Uhhh, I guess it could also be HSU, or UL, or UN, who cares. Sets not out yet...
  3. BlazeTK

    Dialga G LV.X from Platinum (#122), 4/6/2010

    1. How does the card stand on its own? Is it good, bad, or have potential? Is it worth being played? Yes! The card very well does stand on his own nicely! Dialga G's body can easily ruin an opponents deck. Also it's attack is a bonus, 80 for 4 (or 3 {DCE+2Metal, or E.Gain+3Metal) with a chance...
  4. BlazeTK

    LGX: 2 or 1?

    Most people like a 2-2 but I prefer 3-1. Then I don't have to completely rely on Lux in my LuxGaga deck. Couldn't say it was bad since it got me a 4-2 in KY S/P/T. And I had to play 2 Champ decks.
  5. BlazeTK

    Sleeve Problems

    So I posted this yesterday on the official POP Judge forums as a means to address a problem and current issues with the current POP sleeves and rulings. I'm re-posting from a simple discussion about rulings on sleeves and if you as a player have had any problems like I've seen and problems...
  6. BlazeTK

    (1) Next English Set: 'HS - Unleashed' [3/4] Official site info. At least Crobat's in it.
  7. BlazeTK

    HeartGold & SoulSilver Unleashed It's now on the official site.
  8. BlazeTK

    What decks WON'T win states?

    There were too many SP's in KY. I was kinda surprised and kinda not. I also noticed a really odd deck, KingdraChamp. Like really? I played it twice and completely ruined both with LuxChomp. DoubleDonk deck is doublefail.
  9. BlazeTK


    Even though the site still talks about POP packs in the last letter it did say look forward to the NEW prizes (that will come in the next reward package you will receive). I assume that means were not going to get POP packs anymore but hey, who knows.
  10. BlazeTK

    What decks WON'T win states?

    This very topic has been crossing my mind the last few days. The more I think about the "popular" decks not winning the more I think they will win. Like here's some of my thoughts on my possible "popular"'s not winning. Jumpluff-This is pretty popular right now, it's biggest ish is the HP. Like...
  11. BlazeTK

    Bluffing: What's Legal and What's Not

    When did Yu-Gi-Oh players start crossing over to Pokemon.
  12. BlazeTK

    When did you officially start playing Pokemon?

    Like summer when base 1 came out.
  13. BlazeTK

    Misprint threads?

    So could there be like so absolute, final, huge misprint thread cause i swear there's like 50 new ones every day like "LOLHAI GUYS THINK DIS HERRR CARD IZ PRINT WRONGDLOLOL CHEXS IT OUT." Like there should just be like, "The Official Misprint Thread!" Where people can go and talk about all these...
  14. BlazeTK

    Starting a league

    You need to get in contact with a PTO in your area to see whats up and what are plans and such and also you need to apply for a league on the POP site.
  15. BlazeTK

    Bluffing: What's Legal and What's Not

    I'm not going to read this whole thread but the only rule on bluffing that I'm aware of is "A player is not allowed to lead on another player making them change their mind and manipulate their desicions." There for you CAN NOT say oh "Well I might have power spray."(form of leading on and...
  16. BlazeTK

    PT-on 30 Card - Professor Cup 2010

    Whoops hang on, it's the sunday of Nats. Must have 75 points by June 15.
  17. BlazeTK

    PT-on 30 Card - Professor Cup 2010

    I'm sure its not until like, June. EDIT: BTW nice avatar.
  18. BlazeTK

    PT-on 30 Card - Professor Cup 2010

    Man, Ive only got like 25 points right now. Hopefully my league will get set up this week!
  19. BlazeTK

    A new European Pokemon Forum is starting to take place.

    Uh I thought advertising was a no.
  20. BlazeTK


    I marched on the RCA dome turf 23 times. Even on the pre-2005 turf (the old 3 inch carpet turf.) I'm pretty excited that it's finally in the city it deserves to be in, the true gaming capital of the world!