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  1. AmishEskimoNinja

    Darkrai-EX is $50 on Troll and Toad?!?!?

    People are willing to pay it because they want to head off another Mewtwo EX bubble.
  2. AmishEskimoNinja

    Dark Explorers Lackluster?

    I don't know. There are enough cards in it to keep me entertained. Darkrai, dark patch, and darkness claw will be amazing. Maybe the three techs can make Tyranitar playable again. Empoleon will be a great deck with a few fighting techs. Maybe empoleon terrakion. Aerodactyl is decent...
  3. AmishEskimoNinja

    EX Tins early release

    That is exactly what his point was. The originals are now useless because they're identical.
  4. AmishEskimoNinja

    Decks That Don't Require 2 Mewtwo EX?

    Thats a terrible suggestion because chandeplume runs 2 tropical beach.
  5. AmishEskimoNinja

    EX Tins early release

    Your photographic proof seems an awful lot like photographic proof of big foot.
  6. AmishEskimoNinja

    What is the definition of "Mint" condition?

    Here's my definition based on years of trading: To a trader: Mint means no obvious flaws To a collector: Mint means perfect. flawless. Exactly in the condition as pulled out of the booster. Hence interactions between traders and collectors are often stressful.
  7. AmishEskimoNinja


    Rating: Positive (+1) Buyer/Seller/Trade: Trade Communication: great Descriptions of Cards: Mint Shipping: Good shipping, considering the low value of the trade Overall/Additional Comments: Fantastic trader. Included a bonus card that I was actually more excited about than the main card...
  8. AmishEskimoNinja

    Not trading at this time.

    RE: H: Mewtwo EX, Metagame Stuff and Player Rewards; W: Mewtwo EX, Tornadus, Thunderous Have: 1x Reshiram EX NED 1 Terrakion NOV 2 Tornadus EPO 2 Thunderous EPO (FA or regular) Can I add in a bunch more stuff for the Mewtwo EX?
  9. AmishEskimoNinja

    [H] DEX Golden Catcher, EXS, [W] Raikou EX, Groudon EX, and more

    RE: Have Next Destinies- Kyurem EX, Reshi EX [W] EXs, Celebi Primes, etc CML for your EX's.
  10. AmishEskimoNinja

    Ruling fossils

    Revived pokemon are NOT basics. You may not use pokemon collector to search them out. The rules insert with the structure deck is wrong. And it isn't the first time. I think they must have the interns write those. You may only bring a revived pokemon into play by finding in the bottom 7...
  11. AmishEskimoNinja

    Is 6 Corners viable?

    EXP share is the way to run 6 corners now-a-days. Put an exp share on terakion. Get knocked out, put one more energy on him, and you're doing 90 out of nowhere.
  12. AmishEskimoNinja

    Too poor for mewtwo EX

    I'm actually impressed. Unlike other collectable games, Pokemon is hard to make money off of in my experience. But yes, my statement still stands.
  13. AmishEskimoNinja

    Japanese and old Holos from Base forward- looking for sleeves

    RE: Have FA MewTwo EX , 100+ codes...Lets make a deal! I have: RDL (Full) Reshiram EX Shaymin EX's Collectors x4 Catchers x1 Junk Arms x2 So basically your entire list. Is there anything we can work out for your mewtwo?
  14. AmishEskimoNinja

    Too poor for mewtwo EX

    I actually do have a job. (I bet I make more than you) But I can't stand the thought of spending $120 on enough Mewtwos to run a deck. Whiny? Yes.
  15. AmishEskimoNinja

    Too poor for mewtwo EX

    But I have a job. I was asking about a deck. Seriously, what the heck is "Get a job" and why did someone name it that?
  16. AmishEskimoNinja

    Too poor for mewtwo EX

    So is typhlosion Resharim EX officially better than Emboar Resharim EX?
  17. AmishEskimoNinja

    Too poor for mewtwo EX

    You guys are trolling right? I hope? *points at user title*
  18. AmishEskimoNinja

    Oskierox Trades! H: ND Ex's, WOTC, LOTS! W: Raikou/Suicune Legend, INSTA SLEEVE TRADE

    RE: New cool lists! Have: Reshi EX FA, 2x Kyurem EX FA, 4x Reshi FA. Loads more! W: LOTS Would you do RSL for FA Shaymin EX?
  19. AmishEskimoNinja

    Too poor for mewtwo EX

    So I've been trying to figure out which deck to run at states, but it seems like all of the best ones need mewtwo ex. 6 corners, eels, gothivoir all require a mewtwo ex or two. Which is kind of upsetting since they are still about $50. I know they'll probably come down in price eventually...
  20. AmishEskimoNinja

    [H] Japanese Collection, Shaymin EX, Tangrowth Lvl. X [W] Offer Away

    RE: [H] Japanese Collection, Reshiram EX FA [W] Offer Away How about one of these: 1) Any 3 level X cards (you pick) or 2) Zekrom FA and Thundurus FA or 3) Kyogre & Groudon Legend (full set) Palkia & Dialga Legend Bottom