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  1. Emperor

    Standard Competitive? Metagross GX Deck

    I would personally suggest adding a copy of Tapu Lele GX; Only add 1 to just use an a searcher which makes your turn 1 Lillie plays more consistent as now Ultra Ball now gaurantees you a supporter which gives you another way to get yourself out of dead hands and it functions as a nice attacker...
  2. Emperor

    News 'Sun and Moon Strengthening Expansion Pack'

    Welcome back Dusknoir (Diamond & Pearl). We've missed you.
  3. Emperor

    I Want a Budget Competitive-Level Deck!

    You would need about 3 Xerneas Breaks for any kind of Xerneas Break variant deck. If you already have one then another 2 would set you back just under $30 (depending where you buy them from). Xerneas Break paired with Giratina EX (Ancient Origins) is one of the more popular Xerneas Break...
  4. Emperor

    Standardising the Old DPPt Archetypes

    I believe the Gardevoir/Gallade build was something like: 4-2-3-1 Gardevoir lvX 0-0-2 Gallade 2-2 Weavile (Secret Wonders) 2-2 Claydol (Great Encounters) 1 Uxie LA 1 Azelf LA 4 Roseanne's Research 4 Bebe's Search 4 Rare Candy 1 Luxury Ball 1 Premier Ball 2 Night Maintenance 2 Moonlight Stadium...
  5. Emperor

    Standard Metal / Lightning (Aegislash / Raichu)

    This deck would not be eligible for Standard as Life Dew is not legal in the Standard format as it was released before X&Y. Just remove the Life Dew for another Lightning energy or anything else. I believe you should base the deck around Raichu, preferably the Raichu from X&Y Base set or the...
  6. Emperor

    Standard Budget: haxorus / Metagross

    Haxorus is good enough to be the only attacker in this deck. Metagross isn't bad, but is isn't great either. It does have access to Bronzong (Phantom Force) for energy acceleration and the Metagross with Double can do some gimmicky things with stacking multiple damage boosting or damage reducing...
  7. Emperor

    St. Louis Regionals TCG and Video Game Streams!

    Some people get nervous when playing, so doing something with their hand helps them take their mind of it. Often times it's just to keep themselves busy while they wait for their opponent to finish their turn.
  8. Emperor

    Brilliant Thunder Theme Deck

    Changing less than 20 cards, eh. If it were me, i would focus on Heliolisk and Torkoal. Heliolisk can set up Torkoal which can hit for 80 damage while only being a basic pokemon which will also allow you to use Blacksmith. Rapidash is pretty underwhelming but you can use its Overrun attack to...
  9. Emperor

    Guide To Deck Building / Ascension

    Guide to Deck Building After noticing the increase of people joining and wanting to start the game and lack of some sort of "beginners guide", i decided to go about and make one so that all new players have something to refer or be refered too. So you discovered that after 5+ years of...
  10. Emperor

    Luster Purge - Latios EX / Blastoise

    Have you play tested this deck against top tier decks? How does your deck function with only 2 cards that can search for pokemon? Why would you ever consider running Tierno over N or even Shauna? Back when supporter based draw was limited people would always run Bianca over Cheren (Tierno...
  11. Emperor


    RE: Tangrowth / Electrode You have no way to draw additional cards outside of Electrode which has limitation that will cripple you. -3-2 cherrim -3 Heavy Ball -2 Level Ball -4 Evosoda -1 Skyla (-15) Cherrim healing ability will not help you in the long run because unless it's...
  12. Emperor

    Mario Kart 8 Discussion

    Press the home button. On the gamepad; there should be a row of icons. Press the orange square icon with the smiley face. You can add people's nintendo IDs there. Mine btw, is Rednaxela35 if anybody is interested. In game, I go by the name Spark if anybody has seen me.
  13. Emperor

    Flareon's Revenge (Flareon)

    -4 Cheren -2 Leafeon -3 Fire energy -3 grass energy -1 Silver Bangle +2 Deoxys EX +1 Mewtwo EX +1-1 Electrode (magnetic draw) +4 Plasma Energy +1 Colress Machine +2 Psychic Energy +1 Professor's Letter Deoxys EX > Leafeon because of a few things: similar attack, bumps up Flareon's damage...
  14. Emperor

    Xerneas EX rush

    Experience:Veteran Pokemon:14 2 Xerneas EX 2 Mewtwo EX 1 Keldeo EX 3 Xerneas 3-2 Aromatisse 1 Mr.Mime Trainers:34 [list] 4 Professor Juniper 4 N 3 Shauna 1 Skyla 1 Dowsing Machine 4 Ultra Ball 1 Level Ball 2 Tool Scrapper 3 Max Potion 2 Muscle Band 2 Float Stone 3...
  15. Emperor

    Need a cheap, good deck to make!

    Do you have any of the staple trainer cards (Juniper, N, Ultra Ball. Etc.) and how much are you willing to spend? The most expensive thing you might be purchasing would be the trainers, but I would suggest not skimping much on the trainers because alot of cards are transferable from...
  16. Emperor

    Starter Pack Combos?

    Are you looking to make this personal deck out of cards you already own, or starting from scratch?
  17. Emperor

    Xerneas/Keldeo Fairy Rush

    I can see the merit of using Surpluff as it just stops yout opponent from using Hypnotoxic Laser on anything with a Fairy energy attached which prevents OHKO but i feel that Virizion EX is the better option in that depeart because it's a basic with more HP. Of course, the downside is that it...
  18. Emperor

    MtheW, I have more than enough space in my friends list

    MtheW, I have more than enough space in my friends list
  19. Emperor

    Maybe a Blastoise / Darkrai EX deck?

    If you want free retreat then play Float Stone; drop it onto a Keldeo EX and as long as it stays alive then it's essentially providing free retreat. If you want spreading options to make it easier to OHKO certain targets with Keldeo EX then why not play Kyurem PF? You want a back-up attacker...
  20. Emperor

    Wi-Fi Trades Dedenne's XY/ORAS Thread! Shiny Legendaries & More!

    RE: Dedennes' MyPlayer Thread (Hidden Ability Kanto/Kalos Starters) Drizzle Politoad! POKÉRUS! I'm interested in your Froakie with Protean. I have a normal friend safari with Ditto.