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    Discussion Different Card Legality In Pokemon TCGO?

    Cards like Reset Stamp and Red Card are banned in TCG Expanded, but not in TCGO when playing Versus Mode with an Expanded deck. Does this mean that all cards are legal in TCGO?
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    Help Ditto Prism Star + Rare Candy

    You can't use Rare Candy to evolve Ditto Prism Star into a Stage 2 Pokemon (e.g. Charizard), because Ditto Prism Star is not part of Charizard's Evolution Chain, correct?
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    Help Number next to energy symbol under prize in Versus mode

    Could someone tell me the meaning of the number next to the energy symbol under the different prizes in Versus mode?
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    Help "Choose 2 of your opponent's Pokemon" -- Can you choose the same target twice?

    If an attack, for example, Shadow Rider Calyrex V's Astral Barrage says "Choose 2 of your opponent's Pokemon and put 5 damage counters on each of them", can you choose the same Pokemon twice and put 10 damage counters on it?
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    Help TCG Online Question

    I created a deck in TCG Online from my online collection of cards. The deck I created can only really be played against a "live" opponent in Versus Mode is that correct? That is to say, it can't be played for any kinds of rewards in Trainer Challenge or against any computer AI (aside from the...
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    Help Moomoo Cheese

    Moomoo Cheese: "Heal 30 damage from up to two of your Pokemon that have Energy attached." This does NOT allow you to heal 30 damage from the same Pokemon (with energy attached) twice, correct?
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    Help Paralysis Condition (Rulebook Wording Clarification)

    The rulebook says: "Remove the Special Condition Paralyzed during the between-turns step if your Pokémon was Paralyzed since the beginning of your last turn." As written, it would seem they are referring to the beginning of your previous turn and not the beginning of your current turn...
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    Help Clefairy's Mini-Metronome Copying Aero Ball With Counter Energy

    If Clefairy (VIV #063) uses it's Mini-Metronome attack to copy an attack such as Aero Ball, X Ball, etc. and the opponent has a Counter Energy attached to their active Pokemon, the energy value of Counter Energy is still based off whether the owner of the Pokemon with the Counter Energy has more...
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    Help Greedent V - Crunch Attack

    When a Pokemon attack says to "Discard an energy from your opponent's active Pokemon" such as Greedent V's Crunch Attack, can you discard an energy card on the Pokemon that provides TWO energy such as DCE (Double Colorless Energy)?
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    Help Trainers that burn Pokemon?

    Are there any Trainers that cause your opponent's Pokemon to be Burned the same way, for example, that Hypnotoxic Laser causes an opponent's Pokemon to be Poisoned? EDIT: Was able to answer my own question on a site that lets you search for keywords on Pokemon cards. Burning Scarf sort of fits...
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    Help Are all older Trainer cards with no subtype Items?

    Are all Trainer cards with no subtype on them (e.g. Item/Supporter/Stadium) considered Item cards? I believe all Trainer cards from Gen I through Gen III were qualified as Items when Gen IV came out and if there's no Trainer subtype on the card, the card is from Gen I through Gen III, so I guess...
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    Help Full Art Cards

    Some cards are clearly full art (and/or say as much on TCGPlayer) while others are clearly not full art (i.e. have a white text box with no art in it). There are some others cards for which the text box isn't white, but what's in the text box is more of a background pattern rather than part of...
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    Help Blue dashed/dotted line on back of card -- print line or fake?

    I just purchased this card off eBay. The card looks perfectly authentic, but there's a blue dashed/dotted line that runs horizontally through the middle of the back of the card (see attached image, you'll need to click on the image to see the line). The card is Piers (Full Art) #187 from...
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    Help Ditto Prism Star + Pokemon Breeder's Nurturing

    If Ditto Prism Star in play, it cannot be evolved into ANY Stage 1 Pokemon with Pokemon Breeder's Nurturing, since you'd be restricted to Pokemon that specifically said that they evolved from Ditto (which no Pokemon does to my knowledge) is that correct?
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    Help X Ball, Aero Ball, etc. -- Amount of Energy Attached

    When an attack's damage refers to "amount of energy attached" (e.g. Mewtwo EX's X Ball, Lugia EX's Aero Ball, etc.), it does in fact mean the amount of energy and NOT the number of energy cards correct? So a Double Colorless Energy, while one card, would count as two energy towards the damage...
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    Help Shedinja [VIV]+ Revive

    Can you play Revive on a Shedinja [VIV] that is in the discard pile?