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  1. Nick H.

    Expanded Blastoise / Keldeo EX for Seniors

    I'm helping my 10-year-old (11 in late December) nephew put together his first deck. He already has a decent collection for someone his age, but he has more cards for Expanded, so after explaining to him the difference between Standard and Expanded with the fact that he would probably be able...
  2. Nick H.

    Best Starter Deck for a 9-Year-Old?

    My 9-year-old nephew wants to learn to play. He has a small amount of random cards, but no deck. Which starter deck(s) do you think would be the best choice for him? Thanks!
  3. Nick H.

    Returning Player - What to Buy for a Decent Amount of Cards?

    I've been out of Pokémon since Dark Explorers, but am looking to get back into the game. I'm trying to decide how to spend my money. I have no idea what I want to play, and I'd like to have a second deck for a friend to use if possible. My first thought was to get a box of every standard format...