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    Trades [CA/CA,US,WW] [H] Binder of ex, DP, Platinum, SM bulk, JP cards [W] wantlist

    Hello all! I have been lurking on Pokébeach ever since the site opened and sporadically comment on the forum to complain about pull rates and set sizes. I have traded in the past on LiveJournal and on reddit, and would like to give Pokébeach a try as well. I only have a few pages of decently...

    Continuity in the TCG

    Hi everyone. I've been lurking Pokébeach for years and essentially "lurking" the TCG for even longer. By that I mean I'm a very casual collector, I don't have anything near a complete set but I've been buying packs for years and have a decent albeit non-exhaustive cross-section of cards...