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  1. fleshrum

    Fun Vintage (?)

    Hi. The current standard bores me. I'm sure I'm not alone. I'm looking at my old cards in quarantine and wondering if there could ever be a true "vintage" or "legacy" format, where all cards (with some exceptions obvs like Oak, Comp Search, etc.) are legal. Singleton appeals as does 4x, I...
  2. fleshrum

    Fun 1v1 TCG Challenge

    A friend and I play a TCG variant. Works like this. Your deck must contain at least 9 cards. There is no maximum deck size. It must contain 1 "chosen" basic pokemon, and can contain any number of other cards of any type, but only one copy of each. Your opening hand is 6 random cards plus the...
  3. fleshrum

    Alt. Format Regalia Toolbox (Mesprit/Marshadow)

    I've built this deck as a gateway to the new format. I stole the decklist from @Perfect_Shot and made a handful of changes, with more to come. Pokemon (20) 4 Mesprit FLI 3 Uxie FLI 1 Azelf FLI 2 Golisopod GX 2 Wimpod (Scamper Away) 2 Marshadow GX 1 Sudowoodo BUS 1 Oranguru SM 2 Zorua 2 Zoroark...
  4. fleshrum

    Help Pokémon vs Wizard's Tower

    I recently built a wizard tower, which is an enormous shared deck of Magic: the Gathering cards that two or more players can use to play. The main change to gameplay is there is card selection before/during draws for turn (the other gameplay changes are pretty minor and have to do with zones and...
  5. fleshrum

    Discussion The Cube Format

    The recent article about cubes (what a fantastic article, good job Mr Koch) got me thinking. Do you have a cube? Do you have a quirk or usp for your cube that you'd like to share? How do you organize/protect your cube? I use basic decks as a backbone. Each player starts with the same 10...
  6. fleshrum

    Non-EX Mega Evolution

    Is a non-EX mega evolution mechanically possible? Can you simply change the name to M.Venusaur and the byline to "evolves from Venusaur," or is something else required? Follow-up question for discussion: do you think it will ever be done, why, and if not in this manner how?
  7. fleshrum

    DLVM Singleton

    DLVM: Where Maintenance Isn't So Bad (jk it still stinkz lol) A friend and I were discussing alternative formats. Other games (and one in particular) seem to have an abundance of them. We play two-handed LotR LCG, Multiplayer Star Wars LCG, Netrunner constructed and draft, Magic: the Gathering...
  8. fleshrum

    Variant Format

    Hello. I've begun playing a variant I greatly enjoy. Decks are 100 card singleton (with the exception of basic lands). Of these 100 cards, precisely 6 must be basic Pokémon. The rest may only include stages 1 and 2, trainers, items, supporters, stadiums and energies. Begin the game with...