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  1. fleshrum

    Pokemon Trading Card Game Live Officially Revealed!

    Except one of two things you mention is This is absolutely a dealbreaker. At best we're looking at the elimination of the longest lasting non-rotating format. Literally hundreds of dollars and thousands of hours spent getting the official products in the official client only for them to...
  2. fleshrum

    Pokemon Trading Card Game Live Officially Revealed!

    "Cards released prior to Black & White will not be transferred." This can fudge right off then.
  3. fleshrum

    Xerneas and M Rayquaza EX from ’25th Anniversary Collection’ Revealed!

    a bit obvious but also completely justified. this card was a menace.
  4. fleshrum

    All 100 ‘Fusion Arts’ Cards Officially Revealed!

    so the best Pokémon card in this batch is pyukumuku, right?
  5. fleshrum

    Dunsparce and Skate Park from ‘Fusion Arts!’

    This dunsparce is actually excellent. Togekiss V in standard could use it, especially with the new lightning stuff that just came out which kind of counters it.
  6. fleshrum

    ‘Star Birth’ TCG Set Releasing in January: Pokemon VSTAR!

    this is not entirely accurate. the options are not binary. I'm advocating for more useful cards, not exclusively useful cards. Also, Is it necessary business-wise? To design cards to be chased, I mean. A good design philosophy would not eliminate chase cards (which I'm not advocating for...
  7. fleshrum

    ‘Star Birth’ TCG Set Releasing in January: Pokemon VSTAR!

    I know what balance means, lol. I love the game in general and right now. The number of viable decks is still atrociously small, especially when considered next to the quantity of cards that are produced. Either the quality of each card increases or the quantity released goes down. Of the...
  8. fleshrum

    ‘Star Birth’ TCG Set Releasing in January: Pokemon VSTAR!

    PLEASE STOP. We don't need more mechanics, we need balance.
  9. fleshrum

    Skitty and Delcatty from ‘Fusion Arts!’

    bot deck is about as good depending on format specifics
  10. fleshrum

    ‘Pokemon TCG Live’ App Listed: New PTCGO App on the Horizon?

    > good if it's an overhaul > horrible if you can't transfer existing collections Simple as that. I think I'd take a long and serious pause on modern tcg products if you couldn't transfer existing stuff over. Been playing since the BW days on there, so I have a lot of old/cool/fun stuff. It's...
  11. fleshrum

    Shining Magikarp and Lugia Revealed from ’25th Anniversary Collection!’

    what are you on about? shining magikarp is among the most prized cards from the early tcg.
  12. fleshrum

    ‘Fusion Arts’ Officially Revealed!

    Love that smeargle. Shame the Fusion style trainers revealed so far aren't all that repeatable.
  13. fleshrum

    Photos of 25th Anniversary Golden Box!

    this is really gaudy and hideous imo. hard pass.
  14. fleshrum

    '25th Anniversary Collection' and 'Fusion Arts' Pokemon TCG Sets Announced for Japan!

    safe to ignore dark from the classical era, since the ex era effectively replaced these with "Team Rocket's" pokémon. ex era star pokemon are likely to be avoided as well, but delta species has to make it in either form (but not necessarily both). Also, gimmicks? how dare you. :P I also think...
  15. fleshrum

    “Dragonite V Box” in September!

    You're not alone here tbh. The secondary market seems to be on a downswing atm so I'm guessing the set will be seen as mediocre filler from the end of a so-so era in the not too distant future.
  16. fleshrum

    ALL “Sky Stream” and “Towering Perfection” Secret Rares!

    welcome back everyone! Glad to see we're back up and running. The medicham is my favorite, even though I'm not a big fan of its design. Just so much depth of field in that pic
  17. fleshrum

    'Evolving Skies,' August's English TCG Set!

    the tcg pretty much singlehandedly convinced me that garbodor was not a crap design. I'm sure I'm not alone in this. Now trubbish is one of my favorite pokemon.
  18. fleshrum

    '25th Anniversary Collection' and 'Fusion Arts' Pokemon TCG Sets Announced for Japan!

    it'd probably be the old style template with 1 line of 4 [G] energy, a precedent set during XY Evolutions. Still sexy, though. Is this FINALLY the reprint set we need and deserve? Iconic cards? All eras? Errata updates? TCGO support?! Cubes rejoice?! Will we finally have the vintage format...
  19. fleshrum

    First Product Details for September's 'V-UNION Box!'

    even if they were the same rarity slot, which they aren't, but even if they were, they'd still be half as rare as these. Seeing people defend this or even saying TPCi knows what they are doing is always so funny to me. While the mechanic itself seems fine, the distribution, power creep, and...
  20. fleshrum

    New 'V-UNION' Trademark Filed for the Pokemon TCG!

    What are you on about? both are horrendous.