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    Butterfree, Metapod, and Caterpie from ‘Fusion Arts’

    This is Mitsuhiro Arita's first Caterpie card, ever. He apparently has yet to work on a Metapod or Butterfree card. Crazy.

    Greninja Star from ‘Celebrations’ Elite Trainer Box Revealed!

    I think it's pretty accurate to the spirit of the original Gold Stars... I'm baffled at the price Rayquaza Star commands because he's in such a weird position.

    Crabominable V Revealed from ‘Fusion Arts!’

    well, yes, that is what speculative means

    ‘Dark Phantasma’ Trademark Filed by Pokemon

    Oh I almost always prefer the original titles. One of my favorite set names is さいはての攻防, which I've seen translated as any of "Final Offensive", "The Last Stand", and more dramatically, "Offense and Defense of The Furthest Ends." "EX Dragon Frontiers" is good and fine, but hardly matches the...

    ‘Dark Phantasma’ Trademark Filed by Pokemon

    I have zero comprehension of Japanese, but if all the "probably Gen 4" sets we're seeing are in katakana vs the usual hiragana/kanji (?), it would match the fact they're using the "English" Pokémon logo in the branding for PLA.

    Skitty and Delcatty from ‘Fusion Arts!’

    One of my favorite things about the TCG was – back during gen 3 in particular – a lot of Pokémon who were completely unviable in the mainline series would occasionally be given really solid cards, almost as compensation (I think by Gen 5 the regularity with which this might occur fell greatly...

    ‘Celebrations’ Tins of Lance’s Charizard V and Dark Sylveon V!

    There's a backstory to this. The dual-type Grass/Dark Pokémon card we know as "Dark Celebi" in English and other translations in the Hidden Legends set, is based on the mono-type Dark Pokémon card "Rocket's Celebi" from the set that got localized as EX TRR. It's not PCL's error, it's just TPCi...

    Shining Magikarp and Lugia Revealed from ’25th Anniversary Collection!’

    it wasn't clear which card you were talking about, really, and magikarp is the attention-grabber

    ‘Tag Team Pikachu & Zekrom GX Premium Collection’ in November Features Unreleased Card!

    I have the Full Art Sightseer in Japanese and Korean. I guess if an English copy comes out I'd be obliged to grab it but eh. Seems weird to release this 2 years later. It is nice to see since Tag All Stars box prices have skyrocketed, but if you wanted these cards, you've probably gotten a copy...
  10. DMYSYS

    Extremely Rare Eeveelution VMAX and Gym Leader Promos Releasing in Hong Kong, May Come Overseas!

    There are a ton of JP-only cards over the years that "could've made a lot of money" if they'd chosen to release them in other countries. Sometimes it presumably doesn't fit anywhere in the schedule, sometimes it could be a card/cards idiosyncratic to a certain event (eg "The Scream" promos, the...
  11. DMYSYS

    New TCG Trademarks: ‘Battle Legion’ and ‘Star Birth!’

    Could see both pretty neatly tying into whatever is gonna be going on with the new Sinnoh games.
  12. DMYSYS

    25th Anniversary Pikachu Cards Revealed, Including Surfing Pikachu V, Birthday Pikachu, Pikachu V-UNION!

    On a somber note, I am sorry to see Midori Harada did not/did not get to contribute to the V-UNION card. I assume her relationship with the TCG is complete. I would've loved to see her on this card as a parting gift to her fans. Still, I wish her the best! To the Pikachus at hand, though, I'm...
  13. DMYSYS

    Leon / Nessa / Bea / Raihan Trainer Collections With Autographed Promos!

    No we don't? It's a Japanese series, we should all know it comes from Japan. It's inextricable from the series. Monster designs take inspiration from Japanese folklore and fiction/sci-fi more than any other source, stories reference Japanese religion/etc. Why whitewash it?
  14. DMYSYS

    Mewtwo / Greninja / Zacian V-UNION Special Collections Revealed!

    I'd think it's unwieldy to ask someone to lay the V-UNION card out in full as it's "intended" to look, so you'd just play the one in the active/bench position as relevant, but as a courtesy the other three cards should be laid out somewhere so people don't have to go off memory (or constantly...
  15. DMYSYS

    'Evolving Skies,' August's English TCG Set!

    surely Platinum base is the definitive autumnal TCG set
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    '25th Anniversary Collection' and 'Fusion Arts' Pokemon TCG Sets Announced for Japan!

    Likely but we don't know for sure yet. For the sake of argument, some of the promos that have been revealed (Mimikyu Delta, Zacian Lv.X, etc.) could have been removed from the subset of 25 to make room for the 'gold metal' Pikachu and Pokéball cards, and possibly others. I doubt this – I...
  17. DMYSYS

    Pikachu Promo and TCG Box Set Featuring Artist Yu Nagaba!

    If you don't like the obfuscated complexity of the new V-Union mechanic, you may console yourself with the anachronistic simplicity of this quaint Pikachu promo.
  18. DMYSYS

    Dragon Pokemon Return to the TCG: 'Sky Stream' & 'Towering Perfection' Revealed!

    I'm actually incredibly keen on this because of how well they handled the 'did they, didn't they' of the Dragon type's status in every SWSH set up to this point. But personal amusement aside, I'd guess they realized they don't want to lump Dragon back in under the Colorless group and had to...
  19. DMYSYS

    'Chilling Reign' Ban List Announcement, Rule Box Clarification!

    This ruling limits their options for introducing future mechanics. BREAK cards and Prism Star cards were released during the last third/final quarter of the EX and GX eras, respectively, and weren't necessarily meant to replace those mechanics so much as introduce some variety. Well, BREAK was...