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  1. bbb888

    Collecting Where are the Scalpers?

    Last month I went to my local card shop and they had plenty of booster boxes, Elite Trainer Boxes (Hidden Fates, Champions Path, Shining Fates), tins, theme decks, and more! (see pictures) Forgot to ask if the store has a purchase limit, but where are the scalpers?? This is not a big chain...
  2. bbb888

    Trades [Canada and USA] Wanting to Complete My Sets & Japanese Cards Available

    Hello PokeBeach, I am excited for my first time trading on this website! I need some random English cards to complete my sets, in exchange for mostly Japanese cards. Full rules are below. My Wants List: Zekrom EX (Next Destinies #51) Tauros & Poke Ball (Jungle #47 & #64) Volbeat & Illumise...
  3. bbb888

    General What is the Longest Word in English?

    Hi everyone, Somebody once told me the longest word in English is “SMILES” because there is a mile between the 2 S’s :D But there’s more! Your smile creates positive energy; it uplifts your spirit and mood. Your smile should be your trademark logo - it increases your face value! Learn to smile...
  4. bbb888

    Ruling "Defending Pokemon" vs "Your opponent's Active Pokemon"?

    Hello there, my question is: What is the difference between "Defending Pokemon" and "Your opponent's Active Pokemon"? For example, Sceptile EX (Ancient Origins) uses the term "your opponent's Active Pokemon", whereas Kyurem EX's (Ancient Origins) second attack says "The Defending Pokemon". Is...