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  1. Zzrrdd

    Standard Trevenant Garbodor Zoroark GX

    Hi, So I've got a league cup coming up this weekend, and I don't actually have that many cards to work with. Don't usually go to IRL tournaments so scraping together a deck with the cards I have has proven challenging. However, I thought this deck seemed like a fun mix of disruption...
  2. Zzrrdd

    Ruling Unidentified Fossil ruling

    I can't work out the ruling of unidentified fossil. Does it count as a basic in your opening hand? I assumed it worked like rainbow energy and only counted as an energy (or pokemon in the fossils case) when its in play. But I've heard people say otherwise. Its probably really obvious but I want...
  3. Zzrrdd

    Standard Silvally/Golisopod

    Hello I've been playing the pokemon tcg for about a year online as at local league cups. As a student on a tight budget, I can't afford to buy any tapu lele, so trying to do well at league cups is very difficult. I've got lele online and have some good decks there, but IRL it doesn't feel worth...