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  1. Nick Tornell

    US/UM My Eventual Team

    What are some of your suggestions for a cool team. So far I've come up with this: Lycanroc (Dusk Forme) @Lycanium Z Primarina @Primarium Z Charizard @Firium Z Sceptile @Grassium Z Aegislash @Ghostinium Z Noivern @Dragonium Z *note: this is during main game, that is why no mega stones for...
  2. Nick Tornell

    Standard My Solgaleo GX Deck (With new Solg GX)

    So this is a deck that my good friend Pokemaster26 made the baseline for and I built off of. Pokemon (16): 4x Cosmog SUM 2x Cosmoem SUM 2x Solgaleo GX SUM 2x Solgaleo GX New 3x Tapu Lele GX GRI 1x Vulpix-A GRI 1x Magearna EX STS 1x Registeel CRI Energy (12): 9x Steel Energy 3x Double Colorless...
  3. Nick Tornell

    Discussion Ultra Sun/Moon potential TCG influence

    So I play the mainstream video games and the trading card game and I was just wondering what would be the new games influence on the TCG. I'm thinking there could be stuff with Team Faller and the Ultra Recon Squad. I know there will be UB Assembly, Burst, and Adhesive GX cards but the one thing...
  4. Nick Tornell

    Standard Guzzlord GX Playability

    For pre-release at my local shop, me and my friend want to pull a Guzzlord GX so we can just destroy the competition with first turn powerups. The only other thing I can think of is a clunky Whimsicott deck that could offer three attack wins. leave your ideas for me to review.
  5. Nick Tornell

    Standard M Glalie/Sylv GX

    2-Glalie EX 2-M Glalie EX 3-Eevee 2-Sylveon GX 1-Manaphy EX 6-Basic Water Energy 6-Basic Fairy Energy 4-Double Colorless Energy 1-Lana 2-Lillie 3-Guzma 3-Ilima 2-Hala 1-Professor Sycamore 1-Professor Kukui 1-Skyla 1-Rotom Dex 3-Nest Ball 3-Ultra Ball 2-Professor's Letter 3-Field Blower 3-Glalie...