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    Partner for Crobat Prime

    The title says it all what do YOU think the best partner for Crobat Prime is. I having a hard time thinking of one :headbang
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    Wi-Fi Trades jhaze's trade thread!!!!!!! Now with Pokerus, Shinys, and EV training items!!!

    Hey and welcome to my trade thread some of the pokes are hacked i will tell you if it is first. Also I DO NOT ACCEPT HACKED POKEMON. They can be cloned but no hacks. Friend code Heartgold: 5457 2364 8600 jackson Wants: Any perfect IV pokemon or near perfect. Any Shinies. Event...
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    Ruling Mime Jr.
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    Need More Practice

    I need more practice, anyone wanna play?? ID: Pokefighters Pass:Pokefighters