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  1. BugBoyInaButterflyExhibit

    “Shiny Treasure ex” Officially Revealed!

    Still hoping that they'll do something different with the gold secret rares that would be more like this. Similar to how they made unique art for the legendary gold cards in Vstar Universe.
  2. BugBoyInaButterflyExhibit

    “Shiny Treasure ex” Officially Revealed!

    Underwhelming. Was hoping to see some shiny ARs and SARs, and maybe we still will, but I feel like they'd lead with that if it was happening.
  3. BugBoyInaButterflyExhibit

    Special Pokemon TCG English Set Releasing in January, Likely Featuring Shiny Pokemon!

    Would love to see the shiny Pokemon be in AR and SARs this time.
  4. BugBoyInaButterflyExhibit

    Illustration Rares of Kanto Starters to Release in “Special Deck Set ex Venusaur & Charizard & Blastoise!”

    It looks like they are. They're not the same as the 151 ARs at least. Agree with the person who said they might be done by the same artist, as the Charmander in the ETB wasn't from Ruler of the Black Flames or any other released set from what I remember.
  5. BugBoyInaButterflyExhibit

    New Paradox Pokemon and Evolutions Revealed for Scarlet & Violet DLC!

    I actually don't hate Raikou, It could've used more detail, but I like that its mane is a cloud around its head, and that it resembles a 'thunder lizard' type of dinosaur.
  6. BugBoyInaButterflyExhibit

    “Ruler of the Black Flame” Pokemon Center Merchandise Revealed!

    Sad we didn't get that Tyranitar and Glimmora art as SARs.
  7. BugBoyInaButterflyExhibit

    Charizard ex Special Illustration Rare and More “Obsidian Flames” Cards Revealed!

    Agree. Might look fantastic with sparkle and texture. Illustrations is really cool, but not having a move involved pose or interaction with a background hurts it a lot, at least for me. The crystal will look really cool, but I'm hoping most of the SAR for tera types are in a different...
  8. BugBoyInaButterflyExhibit

    “Pokemon Card 151” Secret Rare Cards Revealed — God Packs Confirmed!

    Same. There have been a handful I like based on the pose and background, but the vast majority are filler with a style that has been far surpassed by trainers and now illustration rares. Also, he only thing I can think of as to why they didn't have a Kadabra art rare is that they didn't want to...
  9. BugBoyInaButterflyExhibit

    Full Art Ting-Lu ex & Illustration Rare Heracross from ‘Clay Burst’!

    Some of the full arts are cool, but it's so few that it really makes it pointless. Never understood why they didn't make them similar to the trainer full arts; fun render, some background, but not nearly as complex as the SAs or SARs. I like the golds better, but I assume it's just cause...
  10. BugBoyInaButterflyExhibit

    “Pokemon Card 151” File Sets Announced with Promo Starters!

    Non-Secret Rares shouldn't be hard to find. If you're looking to open English, you should be able to find product online or in a store. They're printing like crazy. Japanese will probably be impossible to find right off the bat, but you can always find people on Ebay selling bulk c/u/r.
  11. BugBoyInaButterflyExhibit

    “Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic” Box Set Announced for Fall, Features New and Classic Cards!

    I could see this for ~$100, but there's not enough there to make it so expensive. Either more decks or something. 250-300 is crazy.
  12. BugBoyInaButterflyExhibit

    Special Secret Rare Energy, Thievul Art Rare from “VSTAR Universe!”

    Damn, looks really cool, but should be a reverse rare or something, not a SR. Needs more to take up that spot.
  13. BugBoyInaButterflyExhibit

    Art Rare Oricorio from ‘VSTAR Universe’!

    It's part of what makes collecting PTCG art so great. There are different styles, and then there are different styles.
  14. BugBoyInaButterflyExhibit

    Special Art Rare Lucario VSTAR from ‘VSTAR Universe’!

    I usually want to see the environment and other Pokemon in the alt arts, but this is fantastic. Gorgeous art and they fully committed to the close up crop.
  15. BugBoyInaButterflyExhibit

    Levincia Gym Leader Iono Introduces Bellibolt, the EleFrog Pokemon

    Everything is already pretty redundant in Pokemon, and the parent companies don't seem to be very interested in exploring new territory other than so-so gimmicks that are immediately abandoned. And that's ok for what it is. I'd be excited to see them explore something new, but I doubt it. So...
  16. BugBoyInaButterflyExhibit

    Armarouge, Ceruledge, Klawf, and More Revealed from “Pokemon Scarlet & Violet!”

    Yeah, first thing I thought was alpha Pokemon. I like the idea of keeping them around. Not sure if they'd have high EV levels for their highest stats, or if they'd just have high IVs, but it's fun battling and catching them in PLA.
  17. BugBoyInaButterflyExhibit

    More “Incandescent Arcana” Cards Revealed!

    Maybe we'll see a reprint with a possible alt in V Universe? This artwork is beautiful and I'd love an alt art for it as well.
  18. BugBoyInaButterflyExhibit

    SWSH Ultra Premium Collection to Feature Charizard!

    I'll look forward to seeing this on ebay for $800.
  19. BugBoyInaButterflyExhibit

    “Lost Abyss” Japanese Set Featuring Giratina VSTAR Finally Revealed!

    Normally I'd agree, but this time I think Giratina looks really good. The biggest issues I had with the Palkia, and especially Dialga cards, was that the new Vstar layout and their new designs (which were not good) made it very confusing to look at. Made me concerned about Giratina, but the...
  20. BugBoyInaButterflyExhibit

    First “Lost Origin” Product Images Revealed!

    Love the designs and art for the packaging. Isn't it a bit weird that we're seeing Lost Origins info before Lost Abyss, especially because it comes out in less than a month? Unless I missed something.