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  1. DazzlingMimikyu

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hi Everyone! DazzlingMimikyu here. I joined because I heard about the site on a the Shadowless Podcast. My interests are collecting, Pokemon obviously, video games and I'm learning how to play the TCG. Very excited to be attending CardParty2 in Orlando next year. Nice to meet everyone.
  2. DazzlingMimikyu

    Help What is McDonalds froaking problem???

    I replied on the other thread, but I have not had any problem buying these since I want the entire set. I do purchase a Happy Meal out of decency but I usually get an extra pack without the Happy Meal as well. I'm sorry you're having a problem.
  3. DazzlingMimikyu

    New Official Photos of Upcoming “151” Products!

    I'll be picking up that UPC box, for sure.
  4. DazzlingMimikyu

    McDonald’s Pokemon TCG Promotion Starts in the United States on September 12th!

    Okay, that's crazy because I'm over 50 and I want the entire set. I get a Happy Meal (hamburger, no pickles) and usually ask for extra cards without the meal. I never have a problem. That's not right.
  5. DazzlingMimikyu

    Announcing the PokeBeach YouTube Podcast: A Weekly Pokemon TCG News Roundup!

    I'll definitely be subscribing to this. There aren't enough Pokémon podcasts. 🎉