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  1. sagen888

    First “Paldean Fates” English Cards Revealed!

    Chase card for sure.
  2. sagen888

    “Judge” SR from “Shiny Treasure ex!”

    Massive Fatherly Vibes
  3. sagen888

    New Blastoise V and Venusaur V Releasing in China, Long After Pokemon V Are Over!

    The art for these full Arts is actually killer. Kinda sus tho.
  4. sagen888

    All “Paradox Rift” English Card Images Revealed!

    One of those rare instances that because they followed the design/card format rules so strictly it ends up looking strange.
  5. sagen888

    Announcing the PokeBeach YouTube Podcast: A Weekly Pokemon TCG News Roundup!

    Very awesome! The podcast needs an intro with tunes and graphics though!!!
  6. sagen888

    Palkia, Zekrom, Zacian from “Raging Surf!”

    Zekrom art looks like he got too faded and need to sit down.
  7. sagen888

    New Paradox Pokemon and Evolutions Revealed for Scarlet & Violet DLC!

    Literally only just realized that Raikou is supposed to be a dinosaur and not a girrafe 😂
  8. sagen888

    “Paradox Rift,” November’s English Set!

    I love the design!
  9. sagen888

    Charizard ex Special Illustration Rare and More “Obsidian Flames” Cards Revealed!

    It's like the air we breathe. If we do not receive it we just die.
  10. sagen888

    Illustration Rare Machoke, Full Art Blastoise ex from “Pokemon Card 151!”

    Man... Full Arts these days just don't hit like they used to. This blastoise lacks any semblance of 'wow' factor or originality that the original EX FA had. Guess that's why I don't collect too many of them these days...
  11. sagen888

    Grafaiai, Shroodle from Clay Burst!

    Honestly not really a fan of how alot of these basic pokemon are getting 2 set slots with similar art between cards...
  12. sagen888

    Goodbye, Ash and Pikachu; “Pokemon Horizons: The Series” Title Announced!

    Friendship ended with Ash. Now Roy is my best friend.