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  1. CharizaedXbest

    Armarouge, Ceruledge, Klawf, and More Revealed from “Pokemon Scarlet & Violet!”

    how in did they make team yell seem more of a threat than they should be? team star is a disgrace Giovanni is crying over his legacy
  2. CharizaedXbest

    Mawile V, Mawile VSTAR Revealed from ‘Incandescent Arcana’!

    this is whimsicott vstar levels of good frank percic will go 2nd at a regional and then everyone will forget about it
  3. CharizaedXbest

    Radiant Tsareena from “Incandescent Arcana!”

    it is a very good card HOWEVER it's effect is not better than greninja or even the radiant starters from go yes those are the gold standard this is however very very good, niche decks can have a lot of fun with it id give it a humble 1.5/5 it is better than hawlucha, heatran and eevee combined
  4. CharizaedXbest

    Super Regeneration — A V-UNION Gains a Place in Standard

    anyone who wants the list just look up Sander's top 4 list from NAIC, switch the stadium from rose tower to the new pokestop and that's it this most likely wont have anything new to add
  5. CharizaedXbest

    “Heavy Hitters Premium Collection” in September!

    the CEO's ae making the decisions again time to ignore all product again my wallet will thank me
  6. CharizaedXbest

    Lady Reprinted in ‘Lost Abyss’!

    someone get me a phone call with creatures inc i'd just like to have a chat
  7. CharizaedXbest

    Card List and Contents of Trainer’s Toolkit 2022 Revealed!

    tbh im not feeling this toolkit as much as the other ones dedennee had insane art+exclusive supporters and everything in it for the meta at it's time crobat had the same story, insane art, hard to get exclusive cards(at the time for starters) nothing in this toolkit screams "exclusive" "amazing...
  8. CharizaedXbest

    Cresselia, Switch Cart from ‘Time Gazer’!

    cresselia lucario anyone?
  9. CharizaedXbest

    Heatran VMAX, Heatran V, and Wyrdeer V Revealed from S10!

    so close tpci, you could have let vmax die off and be based and yet here we are
  10. CharizaedXbest

    Hisuian Heavy Ball from S10!

    are you kidding me? this is a item? to those who do not see the potential yet, this is crazy good not every deck, but some can be searched out by ball guy to look into your prizes and take out the basic mon you always need in some decks is crazy first deck i can think of that wants it is durant...
  11. CharizaedXbest

    PTCGL Beta Opens February 22nd, Is Exclusive to Canada

    i wish i had a canadian vpn for this
  12. CharizaedXbest

    Errata Announced for ‘Brilliant Stars’ Garchomp Due to Text Error

    oh no, this busted broken card now is definitely not going to see any play now
  13. CharizaedXbest

    Spring “V Heroes Tins” Revealed!

    one of these tins are not like the other one of these tins gonna get bought out day 1
  14. CharizaedXbest

    Wormadam, Mothim, and Burmy from ‘Star Birth’!

    i don't care if you don't like it, im putting it out there for a fun deck nothing here is actually going to be "good" quite yet as if warmadam becomes "good" we have a counter for it in spiritomb from chilling riegn so chill about your judgment my guy nothing here needs a "like" or "dislike"...
  15. CharizaedXbest

    Brand New Pikachu VMAX Releasing in ‘CoroCoro!’

    the vmax seems ok the rest is just bad the eevee v is just a filler card
  16. CharizaedXbest

    Release Date, Price, and European Versions of ‘Leafeon VSTAR / Glaceon VSTAR Special Collections’ Revealed!

    i can see that and even then leafeon doesn't really need it, it has shady dealings atm to get boss for game. the glaceon v is more interesting because it can accelerate energy so i can see it seeing some consideration when testing and maybe a 2-2 split as sometimes getting more energy is better...