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  1. Don Pianta

    Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar from “Pokemon Card 151!”

    Allow Gengar to do 50 more damage with poltergeist. Thankfully it's a "may" and not "when" so if you don't want to use it you don't have to.
  2. Don Pianta

    “Scarlet & Violet” English Set Revealed for March: Silver Borders, Three Holos Per Pack, Price Increases

    I think the most likely scenarios are two Reverse slots or two (Holo) Rare slots, with the extra slot being replaced by an ex or better, if you pull one.
  3. Don Pianta

    New “Preview Box” for Scarlet & Violet TCG Releasing in January!

    The exes were never going to have a yellow border, standard cards will probably still have a yellow border.
  4. Don Pianta

    “Pokemon TCG Holiday Calendar” Promos and Contents Revealed!

    So it was never released outside of Japan, and is therefore unique? That said this looks pretty neat, and is about what I expected. Would have been cooler if the Calyrex had different art, but the stamp is enough.
  5. Don Pianta

    Uri Geller Hints Kadabra Returning to the TCG in Upcoming Set!

    People comment their opinion on current events in a comment section, wow, how absurd. They should all definitely be keeping their opinions to themselves.
  6. Don Pianta

    Uri Geller Hints Kadabra Returning to the TCG in Upcoming Set!

    Plenty of people dislike Uri Geller for reasons unrelated to the Kadabra situation, he's always been a fraud and a jerk regardless.
  7. Don Pianta

    Hisuian Growlithe and Feather Ball Distribution at GameStop!

    Yep, they abandoned it almost as soon as it was released, remembered it existed two years later and then proceeded to forget about it again a month later. I think there's been four events done with Pokemon Pass, a Shiny Pikachu/Eevee for Let's Go, a Shiny Solgaleo/Lunala in Sun/Moon, a Mewtwo in...
  8. Don Pianta

    Four Scrapped Gen I Pokemon Designs Revealed for the First Time!

    All the previous speculation about the "original" 190 Pokemon was done falsely assuming that the 39 scrapped Pokemon were inserted into GS as is. These three (along with Gorochu), as well as the confirmation from Sugimori himself that Ho-Oh was designed later basically prove that there are...
  9. Don Pianta

    'Charisma of the Wrecked Sky,' Japan's SM7 Set Announced!

    If that Riptide Feraligatr were viable this would pair well with it. But it isn't, so this is also kind of bad.
  10. Don Pianta

    Ultra Ball 'Ultra PRO' Products Releasing in July!

    Their Eclipse sleeves are actually the best sleeves ever made aside from Dragonshield Art sleeves. They're durable and they shuffle extremely well. The M2 deckbox is also very good, even if it's just a ripoff of the Ultimate Guard Flip 'n' Tray. Ever since Tolarian Community College (a product...
  11. Don Pianta

    Prerelease Kits To Be Sold in Stores: 'Build & Battle' Kits!

    Some of us have jobs that are significantly more important than playing a children's card game.
  12. Don Pianta

    News 'Guzzlord-GX Box' (and Figure Collection) in September!

    You say that as if Fates Collide wasn't.
  13. Don Pianta

    News 'Lucario-GX Box' in February!

    GXs are basically full art by default, the regular printing usually looks better than the "full art" version anyway.
  14. Don Pianta

    'World Championship 2017 Decks' Product Image!

    They're not going to put +$300 worth of product in a product only going for $18. Are you insane?
  15. Don Pianta

    News New Solgaleo-GX and Lunala-GX in November Starter Set!

    Cynthia's Feelings was great. Only card with a promo variant I actually wanted to get a playset of.
  16. Don Pianta

    News 'Shining Legends Special Collection: Raichu-GX' in January!

    Yeah, sure is great having 3 different versions of Kommo-o GX in Guardians Rising AND having it as a GX box with alternate art. I mean it's such a great card, after all. Who wouldn't want to pull it instead of Tapu Lele or a full art DCE? This totally doesn't inflate the set and make it harder...
  17. Don Pianta

    News September's SM4 Set: 'The Awoken Hero' and 'The Transdimensional Beast'

    OH BOY, if you thought pulling Spirit Links for garbage Megas was disappointing enough, wait until you pull a triple garbage Memory pack!
  18. Don Pianta

    News Japan's SM3+ Set: 'Shining Legends!'

    Here's hoping that this being SM3+ means that our SM4 onwards is going to be the main set plus the SM+ set, as opposed to the main set and the previous set's + set.
  19. Don Pianta

    News 'Mysterious Power Tins' in October!

    Mewtwo EX was $80 when they stuck it in a tin.