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    Collecting The English Booster Box "Pull Rates" Thread

    Just opened a box of Flashfire -Charizard EX FA (Stoke) -Right -Mega Charizard EX (Crimson Dive)- Right -FA Toxicroak EX- Right -SR Mega Charizard EX (Crimson Dive)- Right -Toxicroak EX- Left -Magnezone EX- Left Holos -Dusknoir -Milotic -Shiftry -Florges -Pyroar (!) -Carbink 10...
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    Shipping Singles on Ebay

    Are "thick" ones the typical UltraPro toploaders? Or do they make special ones that are thicker?
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    Shipping Singles on Ebay

    I typically put this single (in a top loader) in an envelope and then put that in a bubble mailer, but I feel that there should be a much simpler and cheaper way of doing this. How do you guys ship singles on Ebay, or even on here?
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    Sigilyph Toolbox Counters?

    I think Garbodor is a pretty strong card to run with Crobat. It doesn't really hurt you (you're extra draw per turn could be useful but its not game breaking- unless you run other stuff with abilities? It makes Virizion and Blastoise both winnable as you can get past Verdant Wind, it shuts down...
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    New Black/White-On Format Speculation

    Could anyone else see Genesect/Virizion working with G-Scope instead of G-Booster, and running other high damage output attackers to make up for the loss of G-Booster? Instant OHKO on Eels.
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    Mega Venusaur EX/Venusaur EX/Serperior/Reuniclus

    The thing about max potion in this deck is that all the attacks require a lot of energy to be used and I think that it would not be beneficial to heal off all the damage at once, considering you're taking 10 off every pokemon between turns and 30 off Venusaur every time you use jungle hammer. I...
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    Mega Venusaur EX/Venusaur EX/Serperior/Reuniclus

    Hey guys, this thought just crossed my mind, and thus I have not done any testing with this as it is purely hypothetical. What if we were to create a Venusaur EX/Mega Venusaur EX deck utilizing Virizion EX for acceleration, Celebi EX to help with tanking (using Jungle Hammer) and the B&W...
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    General Empoleon Discussion

    RE: Counter for Empoleon? I think that Zekrom is the best tech. There's nothing really good out there and the reason you can't use a five energy keldeo is because the empoleon decks nowadays have migrated away from fighting attackers and are switching to stuff like Leafeon and Flareon (to...
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    (1) M Venusaur-EX from ‘XY Collections’ Revealed! [11/7]

    Does this still count as an evolution where you wouldn't be able to have it up T1? Because I honestly find this card underwhelming. If you combo it with Virizion (likely its best partner RN) the earliest you could attack is what, T3/4? And that's assuming you'll be able to get a T2 Emerald Slash...
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    XY Is it Worth Buying a 3DS System for Pokémon X & Y?

    RE: Getting X and Y It's not so much that I wouldn't play games other than Pokemon, its more so that it is my main motive for getting a 3DS. It is unlikely that I would play other games mostly because I have a very busy life between school, sports, and my social life.
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    XY Is it Worth Buying a 3DS System for Pokémon X & Y?

    RE: Getting X and Y Well I also find enjoyment in the subplot as well as everything that happens after the main story ends.
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    XY Is it Worth Buying a 3DS System for Pokémon X & Y?

    RE: Getting X and Y To me there wouldn't be a difference between the normal and the XL, and I would likely get the normal one just to save some money. I wouldn't purchase both X and Y, just one or the other, and money isn't the most abundant thing to me so I would sell the games back so I...
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    XY Is it Worth Buying a 3DS System for Pokémon X & Y?

    RE: Getting X and Y I think the whole idea of a 2ds is *removed* just because I've had a normal one my entire life, not saying I wouldn't get it but it's definitely not preferred. The money definitely isn't a problem, but I think there are better things I could buy with it. What do you think I...
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    XY Is it Worth Buying a 3DS System for Pokémon X & Y?

    Hey guys, I have a bit of a dilemma. The only time I use my DS is for Pokemon games, although I enjoy playing them very much. The problem is the only model I have is the DS Lite, and I was wondering if it's worth spending the money on a 3DS if I'm only going to play the Pokemon games! Granted, I...
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    Darkrai / Hydregion for Competitive Play?

    RE: Darkrai/Hydregion for competitive play? In my opinion, while Darkrai/Garbodor is a strong deck, I don't think it will perform as well. This is because of the new Best of Three, 50 minute swiss rounds. At the KO where it performed the best) there were Best of Three 75 minute rounds...
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    Phione EBB

    Personally, I don't like it. Sableye is definitely the better card, IMO. That, and the main decks I could see running this card have preferable starters anyway. Now, if the blastoise player couldn't get his/her hands on some beaches..
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    Collecting The English Booster Box "Pull Rates" Thread

    1 FA Genesect EX 1 Genesect EX 1 Virizion EX 1 G Booster 1 G Scope 1 Master Ball 4 Catcher No Sigilyph though :( but I definitely can't complain
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    Collecting "How Much is This Card Worth?" / "Is This a Good Trade?"

    How about these? Deoxys Ex (FA/REG) Thundurus Ex (FA/REG) SR Ultra Ball Lucario LV. X Magmortar LV. X Dialga G LV. X Gengar EX (Fire Red Leaf Green) Celebi EX (POP Series 2) Also, is this a good trade? His: Rayquaza EX (Dragon) My: Tornadus EX
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    (1) Next Modified Next Destinies-On? [7/13]

    I'm so upset about potentially losing crushing hammers /: . Bye bye Quad Sableye/Garbodor
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    Shipping Small Pokemon Lots

    Thanks guys appreciate it! Can you get small bubble mailers at the local post office? I only have the ones that fit video games and DVDs