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  1. chris.n7

    Commemorative Pikachu Promo Releasing for Grand Opening of Pokemon Center Taipei!

    "Only one promo will be given to each customer" yeah, that's always the case but it's never actually the case. Day one you'll see people with dozens upon dozens of them for sale.
  2. chris.n7

    Top 15 Most Valuable Cards from “Shiny Treasure ex!”

    These prices are going to crash. This set isn't all that exciting tbh.
  3. chris.n7

    “Shiny Treasure ex” Secret Rares Revealed: 170 Cards!

    Lol those raised foil cards look trash.
  4. chris.n7

    “Shiny Treasure ex” Box Pull Rates Revealed, Different Borders for Shiny Pokemon in Japanese

    Prefer the baby shinies without the holo border tbh.
  5. chris.n7

    Shiny Toedscruel ex, Pidgeot ex from “Shiny Treasure ex”

    These shiny sets always manage to make me hate full arts more than I already did.
  6. chris.n7

    First “Paldean Fates” English Cards Revealed!

    Holo looks awful.
  7. chris.n7

    “Paldean Fates” Special Pokemon TCG Set Officially Revealed for January Featuring Shiny Pokemon!

    It's already leaked that this set has some brand new artworks for shinies. There's a Mew ex alt art shiny that's never been seen before.
  8. chris.n7

    “Paldean Fates” Special Pokemon TCG Set Officially Revealed for January Featuring Shiny Pokemon!

    Considering it doesn't say "Mimikyu ex" I'd assume it's an illustration rare.
  9. chris.n7

    Booster Bundles to Release with Shiny January Set, All Products Known So Far!

    Booster Bundles to released but also unable to be found in stock anywhere
  10. chris.n7

    Pokemon Center Cancelling and Modifying Van Gogh Orders

    Van Gogh is one of the most famous and well known artists of all time. Pokemon is one of the most popular and well known brands of all time. Can you guess what that means for a collab between these two things?
  11. chris.n7

    Illustration Rares of Kanto Starters to Release in “Special Deck Set ex Venusaur & Charizard & Blastoise!”

    This alone will ensure scalpers eat this up. Usually they wouldn't bother this this kind of product.
  12. chris.n7

    Pokemon Scalpers Swamp Van Gogh Museum, Forcing Changes to Museum’s Purchase Policy

    So sad what this hobby has become. People just in it for the money. All I want is cool stuff for my collection.
  13. chris.n7

    “Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic” To Be Most Expensive Pokemon TCG Product Ever Sold in Stores

    Glad it sold out instantly so I didn't waste my money out of FOMO.
  14. chris.n7

    Pokemon Announces Legal Action Against Counterfeit Cards on Auction Platforms

    They're not just sharing fan art though, they're profiting on it. The IP holder is within their rights to shut this down, like it or not.
  15. chris.n7

    New Official Photos of Upcoming “151” Products!

    Too lazy to give us Poke/Masterball reverses too.
  16. chris.n7

    More Secret Rares from English “151” Set Revealed!

    I just wanna know if we're getting Pokeball/Masterball reverse holos. Time for TPCi to stop being lazy and give us the cool reverses that Japan gets.
  17. chris.n7

    Minior from “Raging Surf!”

    I have never seen this Pokemon in my entire life.
  18. chris.n7

    Several Secret Rares from “151” English Set Revealed!

    Yes, I know, it was sarcasm.