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  1. jamashawalker

    Wingull, Pelipper from ‘Snow Hazard’!

    Hot take: Once Lumi rotates. I don't even want them to make another Edlegoss and Lumi for awhile. I want this Pelipper to be the face of supporter search for the entirety of Scarlett and Violet
  2. jamashawalker

    Candice, Froslass, and Glalie from “Paradigm Trigger!”

    I think Candace will be experimented with once Water Bucket rotates. Because Irida is so much better for the water decks we have right now. Guaranteed water pokemon+2 energy is all we need majority of the time
  3. jamashawalker

    “Mew VMAX League Battle Deck” in November!

    Kill it with dark fire.... *stares at Galarian Moltres*
  4. jamashawalker

    Hisuian Arcanine, Phione from ‘Dark Phantasma’

    We didn't think Granbull would work, but someone made it work and it became a staple. We can DEFINITELY make this work. There are plenty of discarding cards+ ways to build your hand back up again. The only issue I'm seeing is Damage. Back when Granbull was meta, the average HP was around 210...
  5. jamashawalker

    “Arceus V Figure Collection” Revealed for April!

    Ok I legit want this!!!
  6. jamashawalker

    ‘Brilliant Stars’ Prerelease Promos Listed!

    I like all of these promos!! I have a feeling the art work on the Lucario is going to be fire!!
  7. jamashawalker

    New Lucario and Riolu from ‘Star Birth!’

    If you liked TEU Charizard then you will definitely love this lucario! It's just better being a stage 1. Getting 2 or 3 Lucario out in one turn would be huge!
  8. jamashawalker

    Haxorus from ‘Start Deck 100’

    give us some dragon support otherwise there are significantly better stage 2s than this.
  9. jamashawalker

    Drampa V, Raikou V, Team Yell’s Cheer from ‘Start Deck 100!’

    Don't care if the deck is good or not. I'M PLAYING BEAST BOX!!! Suicune, Entei, Raikou
  10. jamashawalker

    Café Master from ‘VMAX Climax’ Revealed!

    This could've been a really nice card for creativity and encouraging multi prize decks...but they really had to add that "your turn ends." On an average day this is good let me just accelerate one energy from the deck to one of my pokemon. Just read that it's only limited to bench pokemon...
  11. jamashawalker

    Pokemon VSTAR Mechanic Revealed: Arceus VSTAR!

    So no one is really going to mention Machamp VMAX...well alright then...
  12. jamashawalker

    ‘Fusion Strike’ Prerelease Promos Listed!

    During the V-star metagame...TPCI should be bold and release Vs as prelease promos like they are doing with these new "theme" decks
  13. jamashawalker

    All 29 ‘Fusion Arts’ Secret Rares Revealed!

    Confirmed! The Dancer Trainer owns a Genesect!!
  14. jamashawalker

    All 100 ‘Fusion Arts’ Cards Officially Revealed!

    So why are not cowering in fear of Starmie?? A stage 1 that can snipe the bench for 270 for just three energy!! That's nuts!? 360 for four!? and you can choose different pokemon! Starmie+Passimian+Telescopic Sight+ Frosmoth. (Unless I am reading that translation wrong)
  15. jamashawalker

    Dunsparce and Skate Park from ‘Fusion Arts!’

    wait how? Was Boltund VMAX revealed?
  16. jamashawalker

    Boltund V from ‘Fusion Arts!’

    lol yeah this Boltund V better have a VMAX otherwise there is zero reason to play this over Ampharos V or the other Boltund V
  17. jamashawalker

    'Evolving Skies,' August's English TCG Set!

    I feel like they forgot Cherrim existed while printing this card. Regieleki is clearly the worse of the two. Make no mistake Regidrago will see play. 240 from a single prizer that is easy to set up is just WOW
  18. jamashawalker

    Discussion The future of Zacian V

    Charmaster already made points on it, I'm going to add more on the subject of Victini V Right now Victini V is struggling because Tag Teams are still extremely relevant in the format. Hence why we see it paired with other supporter mons+Welder. Once Tag teams have rotated out and Victini will...
  19. jamashawalker

    'Evolving Skies,' August's English TCG Set!

    I like that Suicune as a tech card in an aurora box style of build. Will be great once Victini starts taking over the metagame. Kyurem. HARD PASS. It looks really good until you realize it can only be powered up by frosslass. And it requires alot of clunky set up for mediocre damage. Sorry bud :/