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  1. clairepods

    Pokemon Center’s New TCG Merchandise for December, Featuring Shiny Pokemon!

    ceruledge my beloved you will finally be free from tcg ignoring you for your brother
  2. clairepods

    Official Set Lists Released for Prize Pack Series Promos!

    Series 2 is E and F block, Series 3 is F and SV base (+ a couple promos). It is more than just the holo pattern
  3. clairepods

    Special Illustration Rare Rika from “Raging Surf!”

    Rika is walking with that white boy stride love her for that
  4. clairepods

    New “Knock Out Collection” Featuring Mythical Pokemon!

    I love these products. Great variety, good for kids (and my partner and I, since we love stickers!). Picked up the last one just for the Dragapult stuff, so I’m sure fans of these three much more popular Pokémon will pick this up.
  5. clairepods

    New “Deluxe Battle Decks” Featuring Meowscarada ex and Quaquaval ex!

    Quaquaval has been my favorite "fun" card of Paldea to mess around with- glad theyre taking a decently strong and pretty simple card and putting it in a really solid beginner deck!
  6. clairepods

    “Pokemon Card 151” Secret Rare Cards Revealed — God Packs Confirmed!

    The Mewtwo!!! The Alakazams!!! The adorable round Charizard!!!! This set is incredible!!!
  7. clairepods

    Zapdos ex Special Illustration Rare from “Pokemon Card 151,” Kanto Starters to Get Illustration Rares!

    One more chance at an art rare Farfetch’d- it’s probably Gengar or whatever but I have faith they will make the correct decision
  8. clairepods

    Large Pokemon Factory Theft Comes to Light, But Probably Didn’t Impact Fans

    I have no photo evidence of this, but something interesting to note- in my Charizard UPC, there were four FST packs, and all of them had some unique errors within them (no other set had this). One pack had all the cards kinda stuck together, one had extremely saturated colors, one had a code...
  9. clairepods

    Codes for Illustrator Contest Promos Now Mailing Out from the Pokemon Center!

    If only this had been a few weeks earlier when I ordered my girlfriend her anniversary gifts... So much money....
  10. clairepods

    Next League Battle Deck to Feature Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR!

    For anyone who is upset/worried about it not being Arceus- it will probably be the focus of the second 2023 deck, since both are F rotation it does not really matter if one released before the other. (Or they do Giratina for the other one...)
  11. clairepods

    “Triplet Beat” Set Officially Revealed for March!

    Fuecoco!!! In the marketplace!!! So cute!!!!! Artazon and Luminous Energy also seem like wonderful cards for standard!
  12. clairepods

    Art Rares Return to “Scarlet ex & Violet ex!”

    OH MY GOD!!! Slowpoke, Gardevoir, Pachirisu… these were MADE for me!!! What a return!
  13. clairepods

    TPCi Awards Six Pokemon Professors with Unique Promo Plaques!

    This is so cute! Love that these wonderful contributions to community have some recognition, it's a good show of faith from TPCI :)
  14. clairepods

    English Ditto from “Crown Zenith” Galarian Gallery Revealed!

    One of the cutest cards in this set. Love the idea that Ditto infiltrates the daily lives of everyone, making it more like a Zorua-type trickster. Hope we still get art rares in some capacity in SV, since I love the worldbuilding those cards do and Paldea is a wonderfully rich region.
  15. clairepods

    English Altaria from “Crown Zenith” Galarian Gallery Revealed!

    yellow borders... looks like its time for a japanese box or two...
  16. clairepods

    “VSTAR Universe” All 90 Stunning Secret Rares Revealed!

    Kricketune!!! Colress!!! this is incredible!!!