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  1. FireLizard

    Pokemon How did you discover Pokémon?

    Hello,FireLizard there,it's been a while.I'm just asking you a quick question:how did you discovered Pokèmon and how old you were when you discovered it? I discovered it when I was around 6-7 years old,my friends introduced me to the franchise. My first memory of Pokèmon was that my primary...
  2. FireLizard

    TCG Fakes Pokèmon Sun and Moon:Furious Fusions!

    Hello everybody!This is first tread I create! I want to show you an Expansion that I made myself,it's called Furious Fusions and it's based on the Sun and Moon expansions,so no Galar mons and Fairy Dragon will be back again.And of course GX and Tag Teams will come back. The set will have 248...