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  1. FireLizard

    All 100 ‘Fusion Arts’ Cards Officially Revealed!

    The arts on the Corviknight line and Vikavolt are so majestic,I'm gonna buy them only for that. Seriously SWSH got so many good arts.
  2. FireLizard

    New Wave of Poke Ball Tins in December, Features Previous Releases

    Can I put my Poké Balls in your jaws
  3. FireLizard

    TPCi Clarifies The Trickier Rules of V-UNION Pokemon

    These cards are wild
  4. FireLizard

    Crabominable V Revealed from ‘Fusion Arts!’

    FINALLY Water Crabominable after 4 years
  5. FireLizard

    Greninja Star from ‘Celebrations’ Elite Trainer Box Revealed!

    1 Damage counter,Greninja-GX did it better. But it looks cool.
  6. FireLizard

    Everybody Rollout! Togedemaru from ‘Fusion Arts!’

    What'chu know 'bout rolling down in the deep
  7. FireLizard

    ‘Time Gazer’ and ‘Space Juggler’ Trademarks!

    I'll take a guess.They'll announce Time Strike and Space Strike as new Battle Styles.
  8. FireLizard

    More ‘Fusion Arts’ Cards Revealed, Including Deoxys With Three Battle Styles!

    I did not expect Chandelure. Also the VMAX art looks amazing. Also,why Deoxys has 3 goddamit Battle Styles?
  9. FireLizard

    Lillie & Lunala Playmat Distribution for ‘Pokemon Masters EX’

    Also the playmat is fantastic. I want one of my favourite Alolan cinnamon roll.
  10. FireLizard

    Lillie & Lunala Playmat Distribution for ‘Pokemon Masters EX’

    Tell me this is gonna be a real alt for Masters EX
  11. FireLizard

    ‘Mythical Squishy Premium Collection’ in November!

    Mmm yes squishy tiny alien\fairy-like\whatever
  12. FireLizard

    New Trailer, Key Art, and 50+ Screenshots from Pokemon ‘Brilliant Diamond’ and ‘Shining Pearl!’

    The battle backgrounds are awesome,not gonna lie. Really hyped for this game.