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  1. The Golden Mewtwo

    Help What are the best techs for mewmew against ADP

    I’m a senior so I have a smaller pool of players. I have a cup in a week and I’m looking for techs against ADP because my friend is playing that and I need to beat him. I’m testing tomorrow with mewmew, which is what I will most likely be playing at the cup
  2. The Golden Mewtwo

    Expanded Looking for a Mewmew techs

    I know the concept, I’m just looking for some techs that I can use in the expanded format. I’ve seen a mega Glalie tech that looks pretty good.
  3. The Golden Mewtwo

    Standard Ability Reshizard

    pokemon: 2-Reshiram and Charizard GX 1-Mewtwo and Mew GX 2-Dedenne GX (would play three if I could afford) 1-Heatean GX 2-Ninetales 2-Vulpix 4-Jirachi 1-Tapu fini 1-turtonator Supporters: 1-Pokémon Fan club 4-Welder Items: 1-Pokegear 3.0 4-Cherish ball 3-switch 3-Pokémon communication 3-acro...
  4. The Golden Mewtwo

    Help Best Finish Limit

    Hello! I am a senior with 207 points. I missed the entire first quarter due to time inconvenience but I played in a league cup last Saturday and I went 3-0 with Zapdos/Jirachi. I wanted to know if Best finish limit only applied to one store, or all stores in general. Thanks for the help!
  5. The Golden Mewtwo

    Expanded Zororoc

    Pokemon: 4-Zoroark GX SHL 4-Zorua SHL 3-Lycanroc GX GRI 3-Rockruff GRI 2-Tapu Lele GX GRI 1-Seismatoad EX Furious Fists 1-Ditto Prism LOT 1-Diance Prism FLI 1-Weavile UPR 1-Alolan Muk SUM 1-Exeggcute PFR Supporters: 1-Guzma 2-Cynthia 2-Acerola 2-Brigette 1-Copycat 1-Judge 1-Colress Items...
  6. The Golden Mewtwo

    Discussion Zapdos Jirachi in expanded

    Hey, I am wondering if this deck will be good in expanded. I know it's really good in standard but the two formats are drastically different. Greensboro is comin up and I don't know what to play. Thanks!
  7. The Golden Mewtwo

    Standard Dark Incineroar

    Hello! I will show you my list for the new incineroar GX coming out, I hope you like it! Pokémon: Incineroar GX-3-TEU Torracat-1 Litten-3-(Any 60 HP one) Tapu Lele GX-2-GRI Zoroark GX-3-SHL Zorua-3-SHL Hoopa-1-SHL Alolan ninetales GX-2 Vulpix-2 Hoopa GX-1 Total: 20 Supporters: Guzma-2...
  8. The Golden Mewtwo

    Standard Ninja foxes

    So the main idea of this deck is to compile damage counters on your opponents board that either make OHKO's come easy or KO pokemon like malamar or naganadel on the bench. Zoroark makes the deck consistant, while hitting for nice numbers at the same time. And without further ado, the decklist...
  9. The Golden Mewtwo

    Expanded Turbo Darkrai

    Hello! I recently posted a thread on Greninja BREAK and I received great help with that. I made this deck as well and I wanted to see if I could make this deck better as well Pokémon: Darkrai EX-FCO-3 Darkrai EX-DEX-1 Darkrai GX-BUS-3 Shaymin EX-ROS-2 Malamar EX-PHF-1 Hoopa EX-AOR-1...
  10. The Golden Mewtwo

    Expanded Greninja BREAK

    Hello! I am going to Greensboro for the regional championships. I can't wit to go! I am planning on playing Greninja BREAK because I dropped my previous expanded deck into the water (Don't ask why I thought it was a good idea to bring it on the boat) and I needed a cheap deck to recover. I ended...
  11. The Golden Mewtwo

    Discussion VirGen, Old Decks in Expanded, Are They Good?

    What do people think about this returning as a deck? Can it? What is your version of this deck? Genesect is one of my favorite pokemon. Kind of want to build this deck! What do you guys think?
  12. The Golden Mewtwo

    Standard Buzzwole/Trash (Trashwole)

    I have changed up my deck a lot for Charlotte. This is currently my deck for it. Another deck I am considering is metal fortress. My only problem with metal fortress is consistency. I feel it will be good after frying pan. (JK it's Brock's drying pan). Pokemon: Buzzwole GX x3-main attacker...
  13. The Golden Mewtwo

    Standard Dank Meme (Dusk Mane) Necrozma/Magnezone (DM Necrozma/Magnezone)

    Hey taking this deck to Charlotte reigonals. Leave some suggestions (NOT ABOUT ADDING TAPU LELE, I only have 2) Please leve your comments, Thanks! Pokemon (18): Dusk Mane necrozma gx (x2) ULP Tapu lele gx (x2) GRI Dialga gx (x1) ULP Solgaleo prism star (x1) ULP Magnezone (x3) ULP Magneton (x1)...
  14. The Golden Mewtwo

    Discussion Viability of Darkrai in Expanded

    I’m wondering what happened to this deck in expanded. I think it is really good. It beats wailord and several other decks. Please tell me why it has pretty much disappeared
  15. The Golden Mewtwo

    Standard Golisopod GX/Garbodor

    hello testing this deck right now, probably taking it to reigonals so give me feedback to help! Pokemon: Golisopod GX x3 Wimpod x4 (burning shadows one) Tapu Lele GX x1 (I will add 2 more but I dont know what to cut) Tapu Fini GX x1 (this is purely to counter volcanion/ho-oh) Garbodor x2...
  16. The Golden Mewtwo

    Alt. Format Guzzlord gx %100 gurrenteed win deck No lele required budget deck

    ok this deck is obviosly going to make people mad but here it is Pokemon 4 guzzlord 4 tapu koko promos Trainers 4 nest ball 4 greedy dice 3 N 3 Guzma Energy 38 Dark energy This is new meta %100 everyone plays. You can take out some energy for a wages of darkness lineup but what the point...
  17. The Golden Mewtwo

    Help Good Expanded Deck

    hi, I am having trouble deciding on a good expanded deck, I was thinking greninja break now that a lot of the counters are gone or noivern gx because rainbow road is really the only counter, can I have some help? I want to go to virginia reigonals so I need a good expanded deck, maybe dark...
  18. The Golden Mewtwo

    Help How Many Play! Points Do You Need for TCG Reigonals

    I know its a stupid question but i want to know, also what time (pm/am) do they start? I am planning on going to charlotte for nc reigonals
  19. The Golden Mewtwo

    Trades [US/ US and Canada] The Golden Mewtwo's shop Updated with ULP

    Hello all! Rules: least rep sends first all rules from pokebeach trading apply no japanese cards im not selling, only trades no world championship cards TCGplayer prices Send in a bubblewrap mailer for trades over $20. I will I will send in a PWE unless trade value over $20 No scams or...
  20. The Golden Mewtwo

    Standard METAgross GX/ Solgaleo GX Post 2018

    My friend will be playing this deck at reigonals so please say anything you can to help the deck! Alolan vulpix-1-GRI Beldum-4-GRI Metang-3-GRI Metagross gx-4-GRI Cosmog-2-SUM Cosmoem-1-SUM Solgaleo gx-2-SUM Drampa gx-1-GRI Genesect ex-1-FCO (optional) Mimikyu-1-GRI (optional) Tapu lele...