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  1. RunningWithScizors

    Help The "What Deck Should I Play?" Thread

    Good Legacy decks: Rayquaza EX/Eelectric NVI (or Ability Emboar BW) Garchomp/Altaria DRX Reshiram BW/Typhlosion Prime Cobalion EX/Cobalion NVI/Plasma Klinklang Keldeo EX/Blastoise (Deluge) - Feraligatr Prime could be used instead of Blastoise Magnezone Prime/Zekrom BW/(Black Kyurem EX PLB?)...
  2. RunningWithScizors

    What are Some Fast Decks?

    Not sure if Vespiquen/Vileplume, Greninja BREAK, or Garchomp really count.
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    How to Make a Deck Consistent + Deckbuilding

    How many decks do I have to pore through in order to get an idea of how to build a deck well? Theres been a lot of States, and a lot of decks in the T8s, so youre talking about 50+ decks to study. So, what all *do* these decks have in common?
  4. RunningWithScizors

    PTCGO The Pokémon TCG Online Troubleshoot Guide

    Whenever the game tries to load up the data from the server, it will get to about 90% and then close. Is there any way to fix that? ETA: I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and the game still spontaneously closes.
  5. RunningWithScizors

    Jirachi Collection w/ Darkrai XY114 promo

    That is actually a mildly playable Darkrai. Perhaps as a once-off in Darkrai EX/Hypno/Malamar EX?
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    Five to Ten Things You Want Out of Pokémon Sun & Moon

    1. Retain Pokemon-Amie and Wonder Trade from the 6th generation games. 2. Get the ability to ride on Pokemon like a horse - not just fly on them. 3. Have a Dark-type Gym Leader. Finally. 4. Have Pokemon follow you - and make it optional if you want. 5. More character customization. Dress up your...
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    What Would you Ban in the Format to Make it Better?

    Either Battle Compressor or VS Seeker, possibly both. The two of them together set up too much combinatory potential. However, I can see why the powers that be at Pokemon are slow to bring down the ban hammer: it's not too often that a card comes around that seriously unbalances things...
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    How to Make a Deck Consistent + Deckbuilding

    How are looking at decks from past championships going to help me build new decks from scratch when new sets come out? That's what I have trouble at. I really think I need to go back to basics with regard to tournament-level deckbuliding, and I don't know where I could find any articles about that.
  9. RunningWithScizors

    How to Make a Deck Consistent + Deckbuilding

    Problem is, all the really proven decklists are under paywalls, and I'm not willing or able to shell out money for a subscription. Where's a good source of proven decklists that won't cost me a thing?
  10. RunningWithScizors

    I really should play more.

    I really should play more.
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    How to Make a Deck Consistent + Deckbuilding

    I think I'm getting what you're saying, Otaku. But I'm still having problems getting decks set up and getting the momentum going, no matter what deck I play. What could I use in any deck that could fix this? Building decks (at least the Trainer lines) is still confusing. I can get the Pokemon...
  12. RunningWithScizors

    PTCGO Now Available for Android Tablets!

    I don't understand why it isn't at least on the 3DS. You would think the two would be made for each other....
  13. RunningWithScizors

    How to Make a Deck Consistent + Deckbuilding

    In general, what is the general strategy one should adopt when choosing what to discard, shuffle in, bring to the top of the deck, etc. How does one prioritize these things? I could use a few pointers here. (Bear in mind I don't have a set deck anymore.)
  14. RunningWithScizors

    How to Make a Deck Consistent + Deckbuilding

    Point well taken. What would you say is a ballpark estimate on amount of time/day I should practice? Just as an example. I feel like if I get the general questions answered, then the specific ones will fall into place. Let the specific ones answer themselves when they arise. Anyway, when...
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    Short Activities Survey

    Probably A or B, since I've had problems with Skype on my computer.
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    8 ADULT LINK 9

    OK, what happens when you click the link?
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    Think of a Budget Deck Under $40 with Potential

    Which ones run 3-4? All I've seen run 2. You don't have room to run any more. You need room for all those Trainers.
  18. RunningWithScizors

    How to Make a Deck Consistent + Deckbuilding

    That's a good start, but I almost never see Shauna, usually 1 Judge. Why is that? How much practice do you think I really need in a day? And how will I know what to take out and what to put in? Problem is, whenever I try to talk to anyone in my local area about anything in the game, be it...
  19. RunningWithScizors

    How to Make a Deck Consistent + Deckbuilding

    Could you perhaps explain this? I've looked a lot of the tournament-winning decks out there, and their Trainer lines tend to be quite complex, with a lot of gimmicks and techs. However, when I try to use them, I don't do well. How did they figure out what to put in and what to keep out? How do...
  20. RunningWithScizors

    How to Make a Deck Consistent + Deckbuilding

    I'm still trying to figure out how to build decks from scratch and how to make them consistent, and so far, nothing has worked. Nothing seems to stick with me, especially when I try to copy a deck from the Internet - it never works. It's just that I can't seem to figure out the art of...