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  1. Gruffling

    Sword & Shield Expansion Packs Announced: New and Returning Pokemon!

    I actually find this to be fantastic news. USUM were probably the most disappointing upper version games ever. I love Sword so much and am glad it isn't being recycled into a whole other game with just a little bit more, it's probably my second favourite game in the franchise and gen 8 has been...
  2. Gruffling

    'Remix Bout,' Japan's July Set!

    Pangoro and crabominable descriptions need to be fixed, it says they're basic.
  3. Gruffling

    Collecting Reverse Holos vs Normal Holos

    I miss galaxy holofoil so much, hopefully Sword and Shield sets will have something that looks nice. Never been a fan of reverse holos. It's a bit too messy.
  4. Gruffling

    Fall Tag Team Tins Also Feature Garchomp/Giratina and Mew/Mewtwo-GX!

    The tins are beautiful, but not worth it since they screw over people with stronger currencies than the dollar.
  5. Gruffling

    TCG Fakes Faking Resources and Help - How to Make Your Own Pokemon Cards!

    I have a weirdly specific request can I get a large picture of the background effect of metal type cards if that makes sense
  6. Gruffling

    'Detective Pikachu' Live Action Pokemon Movie Trailer Released!

    I would love to say I had no expectations but actually I expected it to look god awful. But aside from little design things like those bulbasaur not moving like frogs I was actually pretty impressed by the trailer. It looks like it could be a decent film and I'm loving all the little Easter...
  7. Gruffling

    News Rumored New Pokemon Appears Publicly in 'Pokemon GO,' Then Vanishes!

    Incogditto is still cute whether he be real or not.
  8. Gruffling

    Special 'Red's Pikachu' Promo and Pokemon Center Products!

    Oh yay another card that'll never get a proper release. Japan are selfish.
  9. Gruffling

    SM7 'Celestial Storm' Revealed!

    I sincerely hope that isn't case. it's understandable but it would still be very very disappointing. Just like the Team Rocket full arts we never got. And that random water type promo Lanturn from the XY era that just never made its way over here. Japan should share more.
  10. Gruffling

    SM7 'Celestial Storm' Revealed!

    Finally we get Masked Royal, but where will that beautiful FA version be released? Dragon's Majesty or the next set?
  11. Gruffling

    Zeraora-GX from SM7a Revealed!

    WOOHOO double chocolate chip <3
  12. Gruffling

    Zeraora-GX from SM7a Revealed!

    Slugma's a slug.
  13. Gruffling

    Major 'Pokemon Switch' Rumors Today -- A Breakdown and Analysis!

    BUT that is how they defined B/W Kyurem, Mega Mewtwo and the Primal forms from ORAS.
  14. Gruffling

    Major 'Pokemon Switch' Rumors Today -- A Breakdown and Analysis!

    We've been given transparency by the company on this matter, we know this is a hybrid of Go and regular games to bridge the gap between player bases and to fill the gap between generations. We know Gen 8 is coming next year and it will be the type of game we know and love. I respect them for...
  15. Gruffling

    Major 'Pokemon Switch' Rumors Today -- A Breakdown and Analysis!

    This sounds like the main problem is the pokeball accessory and not the game itself. Your first 3 paragraphs are entirely impressions of that and not the game (I say that on the basis that this accessory is an optional additional purchase - but it is important people make an informed decision...
  16. Gruffling

    Major 'Pokemon Switch' Rumors Today -- A Breakdown and Analysis!

    "You gain EXP. Points from capturing a wild Pokemon which are shared among all Pokemon in your party. The EXP. Points depend on the size of the Pokemon." This is a very definitively-worded statement that required clarification
  17. Gruffling

    Major 'Pokemon Switch' Rumors Today -- A Breakdown and Analysis!

    So do you not gain EXP through Trainer battles? This game is sounding like it'll be an even less fun experience than Black and White 1.
  18. Gruffling

    New Players' Ceremony Promo Card, Evokes the Infamous Tropical Beach!

    It's far more important the Masked Royal promos get released outside of Japan honestly.
  19. Gruffling

    'Mega Charizard X vs. Mega Blastoise Battle Arena Decks' Announced!

    No thanks can I have that Professor's Letter-A and the Landorus coin instead.