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  1. Bumbleblogn

    Manectric EX / Zekrom EX

    Pokemon: 4 Manectric EX (starting attacker) 3 Manectric M EX(supporting attacker) 3 Zekrom EX(main attacker) 1 Jirachi EX Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums: 3 Battle Compressor (M Manectric set up, discard energy) 2 Manectric Spirit Link 2 Tool Retriever (to take spirit link off, and...
  2. Bumbleblogn

    Dragonite EX / Butterfree

    my current league deck is Virgen Dragonite, set up reg like its a genesect deck, start sweeping like its a genesect deck, then, when you are about to loose your G Boostered Genesect, bust in with dragon ite and use him as a stall attacker while you power up g booster again! its so much fun to...
  3. Bumbleblogn

    Dragonite EX / Butterfree

    ....i just love how you people are insulting this guy for building a deck. he liked some of your ideas, and decided not to use others. virizion is perfect for either genesect or mewtwo decks. where as with this deck you just need the total energy in play because of dragonite EX's ability...
  4. Bumbleblogn

    Collecting The "Card Collector Help" Thread

    buying JP cards? Hey guys, So I'm super excited about the new Phantom Gate set that is so close to releasing in Japan! With this said, I decided I wanted to try and buy a JP booster box, but have no idea where to do so. Does anyone know of a safe retailer that I could buy imports from? Or...
  5. Bumbleblogn

    Steel Wall (Dialga EX / Aeigislash EX / Klinklang / Bronzong)

    RE: Steel Wall (dialga/aeigislash/klinklang/bronzong) i like it, you could also go more steel poison instead and just make a complete poison/steel stall deck i.e. add draglage, lasers, and maybe gengar ex...that could be fun haha :)
  6. Bumbleblogn

    Dialzong (Dialga EX / Bronzong)

    no klinklang?
  7. Bumbleblogn

    Steel Wall (Dialga EX / Aeigislash EX / Klinklang / Bronzong)

    RE: Steel Wall (dialga/aeigislash/klinklang/bronzong) i wouldn't say it is an auto loss. most pyroar decks play double colorless, so aeigislash can wall them while i lysandre/esc rope out another one of there poke's (most pyroar decks run charizard EX, which i should be able to one shot...
  8. Bumbleblogn

    Steel Wall (Dialga EX / Aeigislash EX / Klinklang / Bronzong)

    Pokemon:19 Bonzong 3-3 (support) (PF) Klinklang 2-2(support) (PLASMA STEEL) Aeigislash EX x2 (WALL) Dialga EX x4(PF) (ATTACKER) Cobalion (LT) x2 (ATTACKER) Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums:30 Juniper x3 N x3 Skyla x3 Colress x2 Rare Candy x2 Evosoda x2 Ultra Ball x4 Lysandre x3 Muscle Band x3...
  9. Bumbleblogn

    You shall not pass! (Aegislash-EX / Klinklang / Cobalion / Beartic)

    cobalion ex is a great card, but it doesnt make much since in this deck (IMO). Aeigislash's ability makes him unable to be hit by any pokemon with a special energy on it (like the new special fighting and grass energies, prism, blend so forth so on). most every deck runs a special energy of...
  10. Bumbleblogn

    Genesect EX / Virizion EX / Dragonite EX

    RE: Genesect EX/Virizion EX/Dragonite EX Oh I see... I think I need some form of energy retrieval in here though...
  11. Bumbleblogn

    Genesect EX / Virizion EX / Dragonite EX

    RE: Genesect EX/Virizion EX/Dragonite EX If I drop lightning energy I can't power up Dragonite so I need to keep those or at least 3 of them. Plasma ball is great for getting genesect ( a plasma pokemon) out for free. As for thundurus, I'd agree, but its mostly for energy retrieval and...
  12. Bumbleblogn

    Genesect EX / Virizion EX / Dragonite EX

    Pokemon: Genesect EX x3 (main attacker) Virizion EX x4(set up) Dragonite EX x2( secondary attacker) Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums: Juniper 3 N 3 Colress 2 skyla 3 Shadow triad 2 G Booster 1 hypnotoxic laser 4 virbank city gym 2 energy retrieval 3 startling megaphone 2 switch 4 energy...
  13. Bumbleblogn

    Dragonite EX / Virizion EX

    why not keep genesect in the deck also, starting the deck up like its a normal vigen deck. then, when your genesect has taken alot of damage, switch to dragonite, avoiding the KO, and instantly get another heavy attacking pokemon.
  14. Bumbleblogn

    Are Fire decks too strong for Grass decks?

    So I've been working on a Virizion/Genesect deck for a while now, but right as i started it, literally EVERYONE at my local card shop started working on either a Pyroar deck or a Charizard deck. Do y'all think I will have trouble with these new found fire frenzy? The way my Virgen deck is...
  15. Bumbleblogn

    Virizion EX / Genesect EX / Venusaur EX

    i origenally thought about doing the same thing. but that just leaves too big a gap for a fire weekness, and not enough heavy attackers with out one. mewtwo would be a great idea, but yveltal distroys it on a switch in. raichu(xy) would be a better counter then mewtwo. you also might try...
  16. Bumbleblogn

    Virizion EX / Genesect EX / Roserade

    RE: Virizion / Genesect / Roserade I get what your say'n and that's crazy, but wouldn't roserade just become a huge target for lysandre? How do you keep it from getting KO'ed so easy?
  17. Bumbleblogn

    Thundurus EX / Deoxys EX / Kyurem PLS-On

    RE: Thundurus / Deoxys / Kyurem PLS-On I've actually been running all 3 of the Pokemon these guys have been talking about. Genesect w/ g booster to counter silver mirror. Lugia as a main attacker, and kyurem as a back up attacker, along with 3 deoxys in the deck. Granted, it makes building...
  18. Bumbleblogn

    Virizion EX / Genesect EX / Roserade

    RE: Virizion / Genesect / Roserade why run roserade when you have skyla?
  19. Bumbleblogn

    Virizion EX / Genesect EX / Lugia EX

    Good idea, that is a very solid point. Electric weakness is just too big a problem now. Although, so is grass, which is why I thought running lugia genesect and raichu was a good idea. If im running up against a fire deck, I simply set up with virizion to lugia. If im running another...