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  1. Jurgenator647

    New Trailer and Details for “The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero” DLC

    think we know what cards gonna be the most expensive out of this DLCs TCG set
  2. Jurgenator647

    “Trainer Toolkit 2023” Card List and Contents Revealed!

    honestly surprised theres almost nothing in here to play in lost zone decks considering how cheap the cards are anyway
  3. Jurgenator647

    “Obsidian Flames” Prerelease Promos Revealed!

    here i was waiting for a week until the PAL prerelease for those promos to be revealed only for the OBS promos to be revealed even before PAL is released
  4. Jurgenator647

    Ekans, Arbok ex from ‘Pokemon Card 151’!

    150 damage with a good typing for hittin weakness, but just too expensve, a stage 2, and drapion is in format.
  5. Jurgenator647

    Gloom from “Pokemon Card 151!”

    you'll notice with the recent sets (SV block) so far they've been trying to move away from a turbo meta with 1 hit KOs, once we're in a full SV standard im hoping games will be longer and not 3-5 turns with a lot more thinking about 2 shot KOs
  6. Jurgenator647

    Electabuzz, Magmar from ‘Pokemon Card 151’!

    i wouldnt mind a pre-release style launch party for this set, we did this with crown zenith at my locals, that set was really not geared towards it but still fun.
  7. Jurgenator647

    “Raging Surf” To Feature Water-type Garchomp ex!

    new terrastal types! same terrastal ability :(
  8. Jurgenator647

    More English “Paldea Evolved” Cards Revealed!

    yes but when prerelease promos
  9. Jurgenator647

    Pokemon TCG 2023 “Back to School Pencil Tin” and “Eraser Blister” Revealed!

    becasue lechonk proved to be really popuar after they first revealed it in the scarlet and violet trailer
  10. Jurgenator647

    Full Art Ting-Lu ex & Illustration Rare Heracross from ‘Clay Burst’!

    its almost as if full arts have looked this way since BW base
  11. Jurgenator647

    The Queen is Back! My First Session with Gardevoir ex

    Title could use some work lmao