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  1. Kyle J. Asplund

    2024 Pokemon TCG Illustration Contest Announced, More Countries Included!

    Gonna enter again. It's my dream to actually illustrate for the Pokemon TCG.
  2. Kyle J. Asplund

    “Ruler of the Black Flame” Officially Announced for Japan!

    Fire type Eiscue made me raff
  3. Kyle J. Asplund

    Ninetales ex from ‘Pokemon Card 151’!

    kawayoo is the pimp
  4. Kyle J. Asplund

    “Obsidian Flames” Officially Revealed, First Products from the Set!

    Was kinda hoping the zard would be shiny
  5. Kyle J. Asplund

    “Snow Hazard” and “Clay Burst” Sets Featuring Chien-Pao ex and Ting-Lu ex Officially Revealed!

    Pokemon ex take me back to when I first started collecting Pokemon cards, that being Gen 6
  6. Kyle J. Asplund

    “Paldea Pals” Mini Tins Revealed!

    Smoliv came on the Quaxly one
  7. Kyle J. Asplund

    New Pokemon Resembling Diglett Revealed for “Scarlet” and “Violet!”

    Waluigi Wednesday or Wigett Wednesday?
  8. Kyle J. Asplund

    “Mew VMAX League Battle Deck” in November!

    Can't even play TCG Live anymore due to "Fusion"
  9. Kyle J. Asplund

    Fantina Secret Rare from “Lost Abyss” Revealed!

    Her gimmick is screwed up, but on Masters EX, she's adorable.
  10. Kyle J. Asplund

    First ‘Pokemon GO’ TCG Cards and Products Revealed!

    Finally, a proper Mewtwo V card!!
  11. Kyle J. Asplund

    35+ “Astral Radiance” Cards Revealed!

    That Ice Rider Calyrex V character art is ambient And those shall know that I WANT THAT BEA