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  1. Hongo

    “Shimmering Skyline” Ultra PRO Products Announced

    That Pikachu stock art turns 20 next year. Yeeeeeah.
  2. Hongo

    “Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic” To Be Most Expensive Pokemon TCG Product Ever Sold in Stores

    For that price, there better not be a single card that’s miscut and off center like many SV era cards seem to be. I was interested but it was sold out long before it was reported to be on sale via Pokémon Center.
  3. Hongo

    Pokemon Announces Legal Action Against Counterfeit Cards on Auction Platforms

    Good! I get tired of seeing these by the hour on Reddit with the OP asking, “Is this real??? How much is it worth???”
  4. Hongo

    “Paradox Rift” Officially Previewed!

    Can’t wait, especially if the promo card features Iron Valiant. I still see Metal Sonic/Badnik’s when I see the future paradox Pokémon. Especially with Iron Valiant. It looks like a late stage Sonic boss in all the right ways.
  5. Hongo

    “Pokemon Card 151” Restock Coming to Japan This Month, Possible Changes to Future Releases

    We will find Shining Fates boxes going into Generation 10 products.
  6. Hongo

    “Pokemon Card 151” Restock Coming to Japan This Month, Possible Changes to Future Releases

    This is going to be so overprinted stateside. These boxes will be as plentiful to find as the Charizard collection boxes.
  7. Hongo

    “Paldea Evolved” Set Logo and Merchandise Unveiled!

    Why do I get The Land Before Time vibes from the aesthetic paired with the logo? I’m not mad at it.
  8. Hongo

    Pokemon Judge Receives Lifetime Ban Following Harassment of Transgender Players at Tournament

    What was he gaining by following them to dinner? The last thing you want to do, if you *supposedly* don’t care for something, is force your way into a situation involving said thing?
  9. Hongo

    “Pokemon Sleep” Releases Later This Year!

    This feels like a game you might play for a few days only to never touch it again. Pretty sure I wouldn’t even remember it until seeing that my iPhone uninstalled it.
  10. Hongo

    “Scarlet & Violet” Prerelease Promos Fully Revealed!

    Holo borders on regular holo rares in English will take some getting used to. Home some blister promos will do galaxy holofoil with the holo borders. Would hate to see it go completely away with SV after being here since Base Set 2.
  11. Hongo

    Pokemon Day Pokemon Presents Announced!

    Pokkén Tournament 2, please. And DLC that let’s us battle the Elite 4 again. Paldean Meowth. Keep a good thing going.
  12. Hongo

    Release Schedule and Details Revealed for Upcoming Japanese Sets!

    They are really going through all of the Paldean Pokémon pretty quick if this materializes. Of course, they’ve done that before where all of the new Pokémon have received a card within 3-4 sets. I’m betting that SV DLC will be announced in February and and add another dozen Pokémon.
  13. Hongo

    “Scarlet & Violet” English Set Revealed for March: Silver Borders, Three Holos Per Pack, Price Increases

    You almost have to do a double take when looking at English cards with silver borders and set codes. Those energy cards are ooglay, though. I thought most people understood it’s a standard energy card? (How could you not?)
  14. Hongo

    Farigiraf, Picnics, and More Revealed from Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet!

    Betting that the rock hut/house and white mice are this generations 3-stage rock creature and 2-stage rodent. Maybe the green parrot is the 3-stage bird.
  15. Hongo

    More Revealed About Wiglett, the Garden Eel Pokemon

    I’ve been calling it Dicklett all day. Can’t wait to teach it Hyper Beam.
  16. Hongo

    Unprecedented Video Showing How Pokemon Cards are Made from Start to Finish!

    I like the choice of GTA V music in the video. (Which could acceptably be applied to the 2020 era of scammers and conmen clawing to the forefront.) Groovy.
  17. Hongo

    Pokemon TCG Officially Launching in China, Massive New Market!

    The bans on specific words reminds me of the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles as “Ninja” was seen as a violent word.
  18. Hongo

    Pokemon Players Concerned as Tournament Registration Fees Hit Nearly $70

    The last event I ever participated in was the prerelease for EX Delta Species. (Wow 🥲) You paid, I think, $20 or $30, but you got more than enough back in packs and whatnot.
  19. Hongo

    All 30 Pokemon “Trick or Trade” Halloween Cards!

    I really like these. Sure they are reprints and the set isn’t anything to brag about, but I like the novelty of it. It’s like the Yu-Gi-Oh! advent calendars that Konami used to sell. It’s just something fun and that’s what cards are supposed to be: Something fun.
  20. Hongo

    SWSH Ultra Premium Collection to Feature Charizard!

    Hopefully the hype crowd won’t take to this just like they didn’t take to Radiant Charizard in the Pokémon GO expansion. *Hopefully*