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  1. ArceusTrainer

    Pokemon Center’s “Pikachu with Felt Hat Promo” a Different Variant than Museum’s?

    Good to know it was given out for ''free'' if you attended, and also good to know you will get it from purchases, however I have seen people selling the card for a whopping $500 already. I am just crossing fingers that these are the super early FOMO cards, if not I think I need to revaluate my...
  2. ArceusTrainer

    2024 Pokemon TCG Illustration Contest Announced, More Countries Included!

    And like usuall ''lets exclude all countries without any significant population''
  3. ArceusTrainer

    Van Gogh Pokemon TCG Promo Cards May Be Coming!

    Kinda wierd we got no promos here in Norway considering Munch was Norwegian.
  4. ArceusTrainer

    “Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic” Deck Lists, Holo Patterns, and Details!

    As a Vending Series collector, the English Vending Mime fills the nerd in me with so much joy! This set is a must-have!
  5. ArceusTrainer

    Charizard ex and Brand New Revavroom ex Revealed from “Obsidian Flames!”

    Revavroom ex LETS GO! The petrolhead inside of me is happy!
  6. ArceusTrainer

    “Obsidian Flames” Officially Revealed, First Products from the Set!

    hey, dont come here and dis my boi Revavroom also, I absolutely love the Charmander artwork!
  7. ArceusTrainer

    Flying Tera-Type Lechonk Distribution, Promo Card at Gamestop!

    They where not profitable in my country and they closed all their stores. Good on people who has these stores around, but quite sad its only limited to those countries aswell. I have been collecting all events that has been released locally here in Norway since 3rd gen and in the last few...
  8. ArceusTrainer

    “Trainer’s Toolkit 2023” Revealed, Contains Arceus V and Arceus VSTAR!

    More Arceus cards? You dont see me complaining!
  9. ArceusTrainer

    Some Keldeo Cards Mysteriously Printed with New Holofoil Pattern!

    Its not first time Europe actually getting some exclusives, Take this for instance: Kyogre ex and Groudon ex black star given out in the scandinavian Ruby and Sapphire did not have the e-Reader bar at the bottom because the e-Reader was never released in Europe Here is what everyone else got...
  10. ArceusTrainer

    “Pokemon Scarlet & Violet” is Now Nintendo’s Biggest Launch in History

    The sad reality as a pokemon fan is that we are going to consoom it anyways, shit or not. I like the game alot but my god the framerate issues, glitches and crashes are horrible! Somehow PLA had less issues and that was Game Freaks introduction to a full out open world game, wonder what...
  11. ArceusTrainer

    More Reprints and 15 “Art Rare” Cards Revealed from “VSTAR Universe!”

    As a Gastrodon collector I am afraid the price of the Cynthia card is going to go through the roof before I get my hands on one.
  12. ArceusTrainer

    English Lugia V from “Silver Tempest” Revealed!

    Really getting a Lugia LEGEND vibe with that Arita Art one, very cool!
  13. ArceusTrainer

    Premium “Eevee V Collection” Coming to GameStop!

    Man, gotta love all these Gamestop promotions I have to import (+tax +import +shipping) because Gamestop went bankrupt in my country.
  14. ArceusTrainer

    “Arceus VSTAR Ultra Premium Collection” Coming Soon!

    My wallet better be ready!
  15. ArceusTrainer

    Special Delivery Charizard Promo Finally Releasing at Pokemon Center!

    Ofcourse we need one more super rare promo only limited to 3 countries. Gotta love these.
  16. ArceusTrainer

    Pokemon TCG Sold Record 9.1 Billion Cards in 2021!

    Me thinks this era of Pokemon cards will not increase much in price the following years like we have seen the past 10 years unless there is ~20% more people getting into collecting Pokemon cards just last year alone. But hey, what do I know? I have got tons of messages from distant people in my...
  17. ArceusTrainer

    ‘Pokemon GO’ TCG Set to Release in June!

    Interesting! As a avid GO Player and TCG Collector I will for sure pick up this set!
  18. ArceusTrainer

    25+ ‘Star Birth’ Secret Rares Revealed!

    That golden Arceus and alt art! Where is my wallet!? I also wish they would make a homage to the original Arceus set by having different types of Arceus, missed opportunity with dragon and fairy Arceus.
  19. ArceusTrainer

    KFC Taiwan to Release Promos of ‘Legends: Arceus’ Starters!

    I love them! Can't wait for Japanese release!