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  1. BibiTotoLover

    Japan's XY11: 'Explosive Fighter / Cruel Traitor', CP5: 'Mythical / Legendary Dream Holo Collection'

    The artwork looks really nice, and the attacks aren't too horrible for a Basic Pokémon I guess.
  2. BibiTotoLover

    DVD Boxes

    Just ordered Season 18 at Mighty Ape! Purpose as Birthday present for myself, but will be a belated birthday gift, because it's an pre-order. Still very excited to have the Box that I want to have. Still bummed that I got the wrong version of Season 16. :(
  3. BibiTotoLover

    'Pokekyun Collection' Mini-Set Coming January!

    OMG.. seriously a cuteness overload!! Sylveon & Eevee, so sweet!! Also love the cards Charmander-Charmeleon-Charizard :D
  4. BibiTotoLover

    'Great Detective Pikachu - The Birth of a New Duo' Game Coming in February!

    Kind of looking forward to it, but on the other hand, I still need to get myself a eShop card so I can buy Pokémon Trozei first... and maybe Pokémon Puzzle as well..
  5. BibiTotoLover

    Collecting How Much do You Spend on Pokémon?

    I'm actually not quite sure. So I think that this year, I'll keep editing my post to add up all the Pokémon merchandise I'll be buying this year. I think most of it will go to the TCG, though, I really want to get some of the video games for my New Nintendo 3DS, now I got one. :D But, I do...
  6. BibiTotoLover

    Collecting Pokemon TCG Coin/Ditto Collection.

    Such a nice coin collection! Mine's quite small, because I only get them mostly because of the theme decks. And I missed out on some..
  7. BibiTotoLover

    Professor Layton Thread

    Yeah, that's true. I'm sure I will. Loved the Miracle Mask! Maybe in another decade they could do series of Luke... or something else.. But if it's from the same developers and just as touching, I'd be pleased. :oops:
  8. BibiTotoLover

    Japan's XY10 Set: 'Awakening of Psychic Kings,' Alakazam!

    Same here! I'm just getting back in again, and already excited about two sets, I don't even know thát much about! :cool: Ahhhh, I'd personally love a M Audino. *heart-eyes* I. Need. That. UMBREON! Me too! And now, I'm getting all eager and hoping for more in the future.. :rolleyes:
  9. BibiTotoLover

    'Fates Collide,' America's XY10 Set!

    Oh, yass! I would love for Absol to be on a theme deck as well! But then which Pokémon should be on the other theme deck...?
  10. BibiTotoLover

    Pokemon What's Your Favorite Pokémon and Why?

    My favorites (I can't just pick one) are definitely all of the Eeveelutions. :oops: Lapras, Absol and also Audino. Mostly going for the cuteness-factor, I guess.
  11. BibiTotoLover

    Spring 2016 Tins!

    My choice would be between Mewtwo & the shiny Gyarados. But does anybody know which boosterpacks are inside? Not knowing that always holds me back from buying those tins.
  12. BibiTotoLover

    'Shiny Mega Gyarados Box' in February!

    Yikes, not sure if we're gonna get this one over here in Holland. I've been checking the online webshop were I always get my Pokémon TCG stuff, and most of BREAKpoint is already listed, but I haven't seen anything about this Shiny Mega Gyarados Box, sadly. But we'd probably get the Jumbo over the...
  13. BibiTotoLover

    'BREAKpoint' Setlist Discussion

    Definitely gonna get the Elite Trainer Box and the theme decks. The set is arriving next week, and I'm not really sure if I should also get the blister boosters, or save it for the Generations set. Oh, choices, choices... :confused:
  14. BibiTotoLover

    'Generations' Set List Discussion

    Oh my, looking forward to the Eeveelutions in this set! I'm trying to save up for Breakpoint, but now I've seen this list (or at least, a part of) it's really tempting me to also get something from this..
  15. BibiTotoLover

    Professor Layton Thread

    I totally forgot to mention that for my previous birthday, my dad bought me the final Layton game and the Layton cross-over with Ace Attorney game, I still haven't finished both of them though, basically because I'd feel kind of down as soon as I've played the final games. It was so nice to look...
  16. BibiTotoLover

    Weird or Crazy Dreams You've Had

    I have lots of weird dreams, but I would like to mention that I've dreamt of the world coming to an end several times. And it always happens in different ways. It's always scary and gives me a weird feeling when I wake up. Really disturbing, but I guess that subconsciously I worry about the...
  17. BibiTotoLover

    Saving up for the Breakpoint expansion...

    Saving up for the Breakpoint expansion...
  18. BibiTotoLover

    Have a General Forum Question? Includes FAQs! - Updated 22/02/18

    I was wondering something, and I couldn't find it back here, but what are the Signature limits? Just want to make sure I'm not using too many lines. ;)
  19. BibiTotoLover

    'BREAKpoint,' February's English Set!

    Man, it's really been a long time since I've checked the TCG, and I'm kinda sad I fell behind so much. Not to mention I missed out on two great boxes of Mewtwo's Mega forms. :( But maybe I'll catch up a bit with this, because that Mega Gyarados Elite box is calling my name!