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  1. montoya.c

    “Scarlet & Violet – 151” Special English Set Revealed for September!

    Interesting that the Alakazam ex card is different than the one in the Japanese 151. I guess the original will be in the set while this promo will be a bonus.. but it makes me wonder when this Alakazam ex will be released in Japan.
  2. montoya.c

    “Pokemon Card 151” Secret Rare Cards Revealed — God Packs Confirmed!

    Does anyone genuinely like the Full Art cards? I don’t understand why they don’t just draw the Pokemon for Full Arts like they do the Trainer Full Arts. The CGI always looks cheap.
  3. montoya.c

    “Pokemon Card 151” Secret Rare Cards Revealed — God Packs Confirmed!

    I’m so glad I’m not a completionist. Two full sets of reverse holo rares, with one being rarer than the other, is insane.
  4. montoya.c

    All 165 Cards from “Pokemon Card 151” Revealed: All Kanto Pokemon Reunited After 20 Years!

    I wonder what the ETB Promo will be. I guess we are getting two Charmander Illustrator Rares since our next set is including one as a promo.
  5. montoya.c

    Meowth from ‘Pokemon Card 151’!

    You know what would be cool? Dark ___ cards again, as well as Rocket’s ___ and Rocket’s ___ ex. I hope we get those this generation.
  6. montoya.c

    Mewtwo, Ditto, and Snorlax from “Pokemon Card 151!”

    That Mewtwo should have been the Illustrator Rare
  7. montoya.c

    “Pokemon Card 151” File Sets Announced with Promo Starters!

    Do these binders usually have enough slots for the full set? Or would someone have to buy two or more? Also, do they release these binders outside of Japan? I really like the PokeBall one.
  8. montoya.c

    Goodbye, Ash and Pikachu; “Pokemon Horizons: The Series” Title Announced!

    Getting that generic anime for kids to sell toys and games vibe for sure. Looks like Pokémon is going down the Yu-Gi-Oh! and Digimon generic anime route. If only we could have gotten an anime like Pokémon Origins instead, that would have been great.
  9. montoya.c

    “VSTAR Universe” All 90 Stunning Secret Rares Revealed!

    I didn’t even think about that last part. I guess our Crown Zenith Art Rares might not be fully complete then if Japan is to release more Promos including Charizard VMAX. Actually I want to add to this but your list has the gallery complete at 70. Would there really be any cards missing? Or...
  10. montoya.c

    Special Secret Rare Energy, Thievul Art Rare from “VSTAR Universe!”

    Seeing how we never got the Tag All Stars SR Energy Cards in English I really hope that that’s not the case here. It’d be nice getting these cards too.
  11. montoya.c

    Zacian V and Zamazenta V Special Art Rares from “VSTAR Universe!”

    Any idea what 244 might be and where Charizard VMAX and VSTAR will be placed on the Japanese list? Also do you guys think that the Pikachu Promo 323/S-P will get released in English or should I just go ahead and purchase the Japanese version?
  12. montoya.c

    Deoxys, Magnezone, Hisuian Voltorb Art Rares from “VSTAR Universe!”

    What is the confidence level of the speculation cards? Also what is your opinion as to where Charizard V and Charizard VMAX will be placed since there can’t be two 211’s. Do you think 244 will be another SAR Trainer or a new SR Trainer?
  13. montoya.c

    Special Art Rare Deoxys VSTAR from ‘VSTAR Universe’!

    Espeon & Deoxys GX, Deoxys VMAX and Deoxys VSTAR Alt Arts are going to look so good together!
  14. montoya.c

    Special Art Rare Lucario VSTAR from ‘VSTAR Universe’!

    What are the chances that we’ll get a gold Lucario VSTAR in this set, by the way?
  15. montoya.c

    Special Art Rare Lucario VSTAR from ‘VSTAR Universe’!

    Super Saiyan God Lucario. I honestly need this asap. That design is sick!
  16. montoya.c

    “Crown Zenith” Special Set and Products Officially Revealed!

    So a Radiant Charizard, Radiant Charjabug and Radiant Eternatus, huh? Nice to see Eternatus finally getting both the regular card and shiny treatment at the same time.
  17. montoya.c

    “Crown Zenith” Special Set and Products Officially Revealed!

    Hmm now I’m wondering when that Promo Boss Order’s featuring Cyrus will release.
  18. montoya.c

    “VSTAR Universe” Set Officially Revealed, Features New Art Rares!

    Zoroark VSTAR is 234/172 which means there’ll be at least 62 of these alt arts. How many do you guys think there might be in total?
  19. montoya.c

    “Special Deck Set Charizard VSTAR vs. Rayquaza VMAX” Revealed!

    Weren’t Charizard and Rayquaza supposed to be shiny? Or did I imagine that?