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    Pokemon Middle School it's a normal 6th grade Night

    RE: Pokemon Middle School it's a normal 6th grade Morning Form Name: Mina Pokemon: Raichu Type: Sciencetific Gender:Male Name: Troy Pokemon: Grovyle Type: Somewhat Cool Nerd and Band Geek Gender: Male Students: Males: Troy the Grovyle TYPE: Band Geek/Somewhat Cool Nerd -...
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    Best set released so far

    RE: Worst card in the game. I yhink its Shinx Attack points: 20 no details
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    Ballad of the Snow Clan - Fire, Water, Ice - The first Ballad

    Oh oops wrong button sorry[hr] i pressed next newest accidentlly
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    Finished The Revival of Pokemon Hangman (Not YPPY) - RULE UPDATE ON FIRST POST

    Stop treating my thread like its not what is said follow rules or thread is closed
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    July 'CoroCoro' Scans Leaking [7/11]

    Scans leaking??
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    Really need Scizor and Donphan Prime! H: Unopened Power Play theme deck! W:Excadrill (56) and Bearti

    RE: New Trade Thread. Take a look! wow thats alot of pokemons on list
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    STEREO's Trades!

    RE: STEREO's Trades! Updated haves! I got alot of cards and wanna trade!
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    TCG Fakes Neko's Fake Creations: Cards, Screencaps, and More!

    RE: Awesome Tricks and Screenies to prove them ???
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    Dragonite21's Spriting~Mart- NOW HIRING!!!!!!!

    RE: Dragonite21's Spriting~Mart- NEW STUFF!!!!!!!: FAKE CARDS, USER BARS, AND AVATARS COMING SOON Hi i want my sprite to be: Squirtles head (NO.007) Cyndaquil's body (NO.155) Turtwig's legs (NO.387) and Rauichu's tail (NO.026) Attacks: Poke'body Transform...