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  1. Shinxed3

    “Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic” To Be Most Expensive Pokemon TCG Product Ever Sold in Stores

    Pretty disappointing that there isn't going to be an option to buy the board and accessories separately, because I honestly couldn't care less about the weird decks. I hope that they're at least relatively affordable secondhand because they do really look quite nice. Also that pricing is...
  2. Shinxed3

    Tera Mewtwo ex and Tera Skeledirge ex Decks Fully Revealed!

    I'm assuming the design intention is for Skeledirge to hit Metal-weak Water Pokemon (like Chien-Pao ex) for weakness, which are otherwise supereffective against Fire decks
  3. Shinxed3

    Standard What are rules about "This attack is not affected by any effects" ??

    Yes, Dragonite V's Shred would ignore Ambipom's Primate Dexterity and other abilities. (Technically in the case of Ambipom, you'd still flip a coin, but the result wouldn't matter.) Any ability or attack effect that reduces damage, prevents damage, etc. is ignored by Shred. Hawlucha's Flying...
  4. Shinxed3

    “Crimson Haze,” “Night Wanderer,” “Mask of Change” Set Names Trademarked for the TCG!

    They might end up being a mechanic though. Mechanics can appear and disappear in just a few sets or just a single set. In the last era Dragon-types arbitrarily showed up halfway through, and the Lost Zone was a mechanic exclusive to one set with a few exceptions like the Absol promo. Alolan...
  5. Shinxed3

    Gholdengo ex and Gimmighoul Illustration Rares, Jirachi, and More from “Raging Surf!”

    Jirachi is a common?? That's kind of insane, I'm not complaining though. Very nice
  6. Shinxed3

    Gengar Line from “Raging Surf!”

    Gengar is what an ideal uncommon rarity card should be. Not amazing by any means, and maybe outclassed by some flashy ultra rare, but still useful at fulfilling its specific role and able to fit into a variety of decks. Thankfully we're not in the SwSh era anymore where cards like this get...
  7. Shinxed3

    Gholdengo ex, Hoopa ex, and Illustration Rares from “Raging Surf” Revealed!

    It's definitely pretty awful but at least it doesn't actively hurt you when played. At worst you give up your supporter for an Item's effect. I'd argue Lost Origin Riley is much worse since it straight up helps the opponent more than the person who played it 99% of the time.
  8. Shinxed3

    Expanded Rare Candy vs Stage 1 Pokemon

    Yes, generally it is. Using Rare Candy not only lets you play the Stage 2 you want a turn faster than normal, but it also helps reduce the number of frail Pokemon on your side of the field during the course of the game (most middle-stage Pokemon only have 80-100 HP) They are still worth...
  9. Shinxed3

    “Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic” Deck Lists, Holo Patterns, and Details!

    The article literally answers that exact question...
  10. Shinxed3

    “Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic” Deck Lists, Holo Patterns, and Details!

    "Except for the Basic Energy cards, absolutely none of the cards in these decks are legal for tournament play."
  11. Shinxed3

    Tera Garchomp ex, Tera Froslass ex, and More Revealed from “Raging Surf!”

    woahhh TM cards? It's been a long long long time since we've gotten any of those. This is the first time they're being represented as actual discs in the TCG if I'm not mistaken
  12. Shinxed3

    “Paradox Rift” Officially Previewed!

    That's an insanely good color scheme I'm really hoping this set is good, because when our November sets are great, they're GREAT great, i.e. Lost Thunder, Cosmic Eclipse
  13. Shinxed3

    “Raging Surf” Booster Pack Artwork Revealed!

    Kyogre got a very playable meta card in Celebrations, a V, and an amazing rare in the last era. Some Groudon love is overdue as far as I'm concerned
  14. Shinxed3

    New Paradox Pokemon and Evolutions Revealed for Scarlet & Violet DLC!

    I thought that dinosaur Suicune was a very weird but also neat idea (since it's actually a paradox) but game freak using the exact same idea again for Raikou is a pretty boring way of repeating the same idea. There's sooooo much potential for weird ancient pokemon that shouldn't exist...
  15. Shinxed3

    TCG Fakes Modern Pokémon Cards, Rebalanced for Base - Neo Destiny

    Hi everyone. This project is going to be a comprehensive list of Pokémon TCG cards, released from 2002 (ADV-era) onwards, rebalanced to be on par with the first two generations of the Pokémon TCG (Base-Neo Destiny). Text only. This is mostly just for fun. Six basic energy types, plus darkness...
  16. Shinxed3

    Full Art Eiscue ex from “Ruler of the Black Flame!”

    I gotta say I'm a fan of the full art Tera Pokemon (pulled Forretress ex a few days ago). The regular full art exs have definitely become underwhelming but these are fun to pull in a pack.
  17. Shinxed3

    Scovillain ex, Moonlight Hill, and Other Gym Promos Revealed for July!

    Scovillian ex isn't a bad card at all, especially compared to the other v/ex gym promos. I wouldn't call it great or meta but those discards could potentially be unforgiving
  18. Shinxed3

    Bellossom Line from “Ruler of the Black Flame!”

    Glad to see that Midori Harada is back, they only illustrated two cards across the E and F blocks. One of my favorite tcg artists
  19. Shinxed3

    All 165 Cards from “Pokemon Card 151” Revealed: All Kanto Pokemon Reunited After 20 Years!

    Yuka Morii's lil magnet buddies are so adorable. heck
  20. Shinxed3

    “Obsidian Flames” Officially Revealed, First Products from the Set!

    Do we know if these unique-typed Terastals are going to have a different Tera effect? or are they all just going to have the same immune-on-the-bench effect that Arcanine and Gyarados have