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  1. Jaxsin

    'Ancient Origins' Set List Discussion Thread

    Looking like a lot of the set will be between Dark/Metal/Fairy/Dragon/Colorless type. Im imagining Colorless will be the bulk of that space, as it usually is, so hoping to see some cool ones in the set (Porygons, Purugly, Deerlings etc), or maybe another minor fairy theme to the set. Also hoping...
  2. Jaxsin

    TCG Fakes Athena's Fakes: Rainbow Valley (Promo Umbreon - 10 Jun)

    Bell line complete! Let me know as more cards are added to the list :)
  3. Jaxsin

    TCG Fakes Athena's Fakes: Rainbow Valley (Promo Umbreon - 10 Jun)

    Love to help out with this kinda thing, can i do the Bellsprout line?
  4. Jaxsin

    Bandit Ring's Shiny Item Cards

    Honestly, im more hoping that this is the set to retrofit some Supporters with Full Arts. Sycamore needs it most desperately, but id love to see other ones like Shauna, Team Flare Grunt and Blacksmith get the upgrade. Of the cards listed, Muscle Band and Battle Compressor excite me the most...
  5. Jaxsin

    Ancient Origins [8/15, aka Bandit Ring]

    Sableye is one of those cards that will always need to be revisited as supporters are released. With the format on the cusp of slowing down, and a rotation approaching Sableye could prove viable somewhere down the line. It puts a lot of pressure on decks that use Xerosic/TFG atm as they are...
  6. Jaxsin

    What is Your Favorite TCG Generation of Pokemon Card Art?

    HeartGold/SoulSilver for sure. The borders were great, the first Full Art cards came to light, and my favorite card of all time Jumpluff HGSS still looks as gorgeous as ever!
  7. Jaxsin

    Pokemon "Unpopular" Pokémon You Like?

    My 3 all time favorite Pokemon are Jumpluff, Sudowoodo and Lickilicky. Not exactly mascot material to most casual Pokemon enthusiasts haha