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  1. picklelicker129

    Pokemon Most Forgotten Pokemon?

    Relicanth or Shelder. I just remembered that they existed. When I first saw Relicanth for a split second I thought it was a drawing for a fishing book.
  2. picklelicker129

    Pokemon Most Forgotten Pokemon?

    Hmm.... I'd go with Castform or Oddish/Bellosom(not Vileplume due to the TCG) Poor Castform has a really neat concept, but even still, no one remembers or cares about. Bellosom is just ignored most of the time.
  3. picklelicker129

    Best set released so far

    RE: Best Pokemon card ever Shadow Lugia. Good luck getting into a tournament with it though.
  4. picklelicker129

    Concern with the Direction of the Game Thus Far (Again...)

    I think the issue isn't just that a lot of cards are bland and not interesting, but that the format is too slow. It's come down to Pokemon that can set up T2. I'm going to get a lot of flack for this, but I think that Claydol was good for the game. It helped super slow decks get a chance at...
  5. picklelicker129

    Lanturn as a Reshiram counter?

    Although lightening doesn't have much of a place in the current format, couldn't Lanturn Prime be a good counter for Reshiboar decks in the future? Lanturn Prime As a stage one with need for only an electric and DCE, it can 1HKO Reshiram. A plus power or another energy can take down the...
  6. picklelicker129

    BW/BW2 The Simple 5th Gen VG Questions and Answers Thread

    RE: The B/W Questions and Answers Thread About what level should my Pokemon be before the 2nd Gym Leader? All the trainers have a massive level gap(well, only about 2 or 4) between me.
  7. picklelicker129

    BW/BW2 Pokemon Black & White Reviews

    To me, it feels like 20 steps forward and then 8 steps back. There are so many fantastic little things that have been fixed and added together to make the game much richer. But then, they got rid of a ton of improvements from HGSS that helped out a lot. The ability to see your opponent's...
  8. picklelicker129

    I pulled something cool from a booster pack!

    RE: The "I pulled something cool" topic. I bought, lesse here -- 6 for prerelease plus the 2 bonus packs And 6 or 7 for the draft. I would love to scan them in for Pokebeach, but my scanner doesn't work with my computer. It works with my dad's 80 year old computer for scanning and...
  9. picklelicker129

    I pulled something cool from a booster pack!

    RE: The "I pulled something cool" topic. I was extremely lucky today. Better then any other Pre-release I've ever done. First Part- Traditional Pre-release: My first pack contained a Gengar prime. Then my third pack had an Electrode Prime Second Part- Final 2 packs: One of my 2 packs had...
  10. picklelicker129

    (1) Nintendo Follow-Up [9/21]

    WPM, is there any possible way that you could contact a lawyer yourself? I'm sure that a lawyer would be able to help you better understand the situation. Probably not completely clarify it, since everything is so hectic, but a lawyer would do some good.
  11. picklelicker129

    (1) Nintendo Follow-Up [9/21]

    I feel that both sides of this argument are rather childish. Yes, Nintendo did remove images from websites that helped them. And that seems like they're a 5 year old "MINE MINE MINE! THESE ARE MY POKEMANZ!" Then we have the other side "SO WHAT? EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT 'EM, WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO USE...
  12. picklelicker129

    Ditto from Fossil (#3)

    1- Well, Ditto is by far, the BCIF. Put 4 of him in a deck with 54 energies, 1 Wynaut and an E-Belt and you have the BDIF. 2- Ditto is the metagame. Nothing beats ditto. Ditto is the rock paper and scissors without the weakensses. 3-Ditto is a combo paradox. He needs nothing else to win...
  13. picklelicker129

    (3) Live-Action Pokemon Movie?, BW Shipping, Isshu's Fighting-Type Legendary Trio Revealed; More Lea

    RE: (1) Isshu's Fighting-Type Legendary Trio Revealed; More Leaked Pokemon Info [9/14] Meh, they look like poor Entei/Raikou/Suicune reskins. And a little Donphan too.
  14. picklelicker129

    I pulled something cool from a booster pack!

    RE: The "I pulled something cool" topic. I had one of the coolest packs at the PR today. I opened up and in the front was a Houndoom Prime. I was like.... oohh...shiny. And right behind it was a... ... ... VILEPLUME! w00t! I was jumping up and down and cheering. All the little kids were...
  15. picklelicker129

    What HGSS: Undaunted card has the most potential to be the main star of a deck?

    I'm thinking the Combee will make a good deck. I'm probably going to use UD Combee, SF Vespiqueen(with Memory Berry), and rainbow energy to attack. Landmin will give me some health support. Perhaps a small line of Jumpluff. That's all I really see in this set, but I do hope I can try an...
  16. picklelicker129

    The future of Jumpluff

    Maybe if you teched Jumpluff in with SF Vespiquen and the UD Combee, it could be useful. Otherwise, I see very little coming from Jumpluff. And I like Jumpluff a lot.
  17. picklelicker129

    (1) Pokemon Black and White Video on Pokemon Sunday [4/17]

    Meh...I liked the music, but the 3-D didn't seem that great. And whatever happened to having your Pokemon follow you? I know that they aren't hiding it because they don't want to reveal a new Pokemon, because they would use Zoroark. I hope he doesn't become the new poster boy of Pokemon like...
  18. picklelicker129

    (4) Pokemon's 14th B-Day, Gabite States Promo, Palmer League Promos, Jirachi [2/27]

    Happy Birthday Pokemon! Lucky for you, the cake is not a lie!
  19. picklelicker129

    You're HOW old?

    And they're really waxy, and make your fingers slippery. I lol'd at the kids menu, it had 4 options, but was like...5 pages long for coloring. My dad let me just order off of his, and pretend he was ordering it, so the waiter wouldn't think (incorrectly) an 11 year old wasn't ordering a full meal.
  20. picklelicker129

    Bluffing: What's Legal and What's Not

    That comes down to failing on purpose, and announcing it so the opponent would definitely hear. If he was aware that there weren't any Lv.Xs in his deck, then I guess it could be on the edge. I really see bluffing and keeping a straight face as aspects of a game, after all, you do it in games...