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  1. RiverShock

    “Pokemon Card 151” Restock Coming to Japan This Month, Possible Changes to Future Releases

    It feels like the answer to this is that Pokemon thinks just being able to purchase it at all is all some people want. (Granted, those people that would be satisfied that way probably wouldn't buy an entire box to begin with.) That, or their production capacity is just bad and they legitimately...
  2. RiverShock

    All 165 Cards from “Pokemon Card 151” Revealed: All Kanto Pokemon Reunited After 20 Years!

    Probably either Electabuzz or Wartortle. There's a few others I like a lot, too, like Machoke, Marowak, Articuno and Charmeleon, though.
  3. RiverShock

    Raticate, Tauros from ‘Pokemon Card 151’!

    This Raticate's male. (Raticate has gender differences, the female's whiskers are shorter than the male's.) In fact, looking into it, every Kantonian Raticate the TCG has had is male. (Maybe barring Gen 3 and earlier ones, since they pre-date gender differences.) Which isn't surprising, male...
  4. RiverShock

    Venusaur ex, Charizard ex, Blastoise ex, and More Revealed from “Pokemon Card 151!”

    Hard to tell how serious you're being with this, but I count four prior ones. Incidentally, looking through all the Charizard arts to debunk that, I forgot how cute the Expedition art is. (And how ugly the EX: Dragon one is.)
  5. RiverShock

    “Snow Hazard” and “Clay Burst” Sets Featuring Chien-Pao ex and Ting-Lu ex Officially Revealed!

    Wait... Is Grusha's no-energy draw actually draw up to 7 cards, or is that just meant to be "draw until you have 7 cards", because those are VERY different.
  6. RiverShock

    After 21 Years, Kadabra Officially Returning to the Pokemon TCG in “Pokemon Card 151!”

    I get that it isn't a major part of the article, but... Alakazam is not the only Pokemon to use "all" the "evolved Pokemon as a basic" mechanics. (Charizard's had more, even, since it also has a Pokemon VS card, Shining and 2 Tag Team GX.) As for more on-topic. Eh. I didn't miss Kadabra to...
  7. RiverShock

    “Pokemon Scarlet & Violet” is Now Nintendo’s Biggest Launch in History

    Most of my (relatively few) problems with the game have nothing to do with the graphics. Are they hilariously bad at times? Sure. I legitimately laughed out loud the first time I saw the inside of a classroom and the "animations" of the students. But those haven't impacted my gameplay at all...
  8. RiverShock

    Armarouge, Ceruledge, Klawf, and More Revealed from “Pokemon Scarlet & Violet!”

    Personally, like most of the Scarlet/Violet new Pokemon so far, I'm really not a fan of Ceruledge or Armarouge. I just don't like their designs at all. Not sure what in particular bugs me, I have a pretty wide array of likes. (My top 10 favourites literally include Pokemon from every generation...
  9. RiverShock

    Cyclizar, Loaded Dice, and More Revealed from Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet!

    I doubt Cyclizer is directly related to the legendaries gameplay-wise. Its description mentions people riding it is a pretty common sight. I'd imagine this is less a Cosmog or Kubfu and more a Carbink. (IE, it's not related gameplay-wise, but they're linked lore-wise.) That being said, I guess...
  10. RiverShock

    Pokemon TCG Sold Record 9.1 Billion Cards in 2021!

    Considering the date ranges mentioned, they're clearly not counting Dutch then. If you're right about them not printing Dutch since the Wizards era, then they stopped printing them before 2004, the earliest date with data listed. I would guess they just didn't track this data before then (at...
  11. RiverShock

    24 New TCG Accessories Releasing for “Time Gazer” and “Space Juggler!”

    Although I don't really pay much attention to the Pokemon Centre merch... Lemonade sleeves, really? I mean, it's cute art and all, but... Really?
  12. RiverShock

    'Celebrations' is our 25th Anniversary Set, Includes Reprint of Base Set Charizard!

    ...Mimikyu being weak to Lightning is a tad disappointing to see. (The original Delta Species retained their original weaknesses, they didn't adopt those of their new Types.)
  13. RiverShock

    Upcoming Ultra PRO Pokemon TCG Products!

    I feel like it's less that stock art is bad, and more that Gengar's stock art is bad. (Sableye and Mimikyu's aren't amazing either, but their inclusion was an afterthought, so it doesn't matter as much.) The deck box and sleeves would've looked better if they had picked a Pokemon with better...
  14. RiverShock

    Collecting What's your all-time favourite TCG set?

    Probably Call of Legends. I like the HGSS artstyle in general, liked getting more Lost Zone stuff, kinda have a softspot for well-made reprint sets (which Pokemon is mostly pretty terrible at). It had a lot going for it, including the best-looking energy cards ever printed. :P I really liked...
  15. RiverShock

    New Pokemon Officially Announced, But It's a Glitched Image!

    The Gen 4 cross-gens varied a LOT in BST gain. Yanma-Yanmega was a 125-point gain for example, and Dusclops-Dusknoir was 70. They're more commonly around the 120ish mark, though. That being said, I don't think they treat cross-gen Pokemon any differently statwise to any other Pokemon. If...
  16. RiverShock

    Next Pokemon Anime Series Titled 'Pocket Monsters,' Features All Regions

    I honestly want Ash to still be the protagonist. Him re-visiting regions is interesting to me. (Battle Frontier is probably my favourite season, in part for this reason, even if it didn't really go too in-depth with that aspect.) I just hope it has a linking story arc, and isn't just Pokemon...
  17. RiverShock

    'Alter Genesis,' 'High Class Pack 2019' Sets Announced for Japan!

    Repeatedly doing something that doesn't advance the game state is the same as doing nothing, so... About as long as you'd expect someone to get away with sitting there doing nothing.
  18. RiverShock

    'Hidden Fates,' Special Set Releasing in America This August!

    It's easier to pull a full set of Shiny Vault cards than it is to pull a full set of Full Arts from recent main-set boosters, though. Assuming Shiny Vault shows up 1 in every 3 packs, that's 282 packs on average to get them all. (Obviously assuming no duplicates, but this is just a comparison.)...
  19. RiverShock

    SM11b 'Dream League,' Japan's August Set!

    You'd choose the order.
  20. RiverShock

    Help Unified minds or hidden fates?

    We're getting 2 sets so close together because Hidden Fates isn't a "normal" Booster Pack like Celestial Storm or Team Up. It's an additional pack exclusive to promotional products like blisters. It works the same way as Generations, Shining Legends and Dragon Majesty did. It'll likely get new...