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  1. Faux

    (1) New Pokemon, Mamanbō, Revealed on 'Oha Suta' [7/22]

    Meh, looks like a Luvdisc evo. Nothing special there.
  2. Faux

    (1) Clear Scans of July's 'CoroCoro' Magazine [7/13]

    Gochiruzeru (ゴチルゼル) is the Celestial Body Pokemon, also a Psychic-type. It has a new ability called Frisk Just to let whoever was editing the page know, frisk isn't a new ability. Banette and Stantler have it.
  3. Faux

    July 'CoroCoro' Scans Leaking [7/11]

    No fun allowed. On a serious note, sure, opinions change, but that doesn't mean we need to sit and wait to have fun. Also, most of the new 150 pokemon will be 1st or 2ed evolutions.
  4. Faux

    BW/BW2 New Abilites you'd like to see

    Spirit Catcher: Prevents Ghost pokemon from switching. Increases the chance of encountering a Ghost pokemon in the wild. Afterburner:All attacks do 50% more damage at the cost of 1/3 damage recoil. (any move that did no recoil now does recoil damage) Quick Fuse: Explodes if pokemon faints...
  5. Faux

    (1) 'BW' Demo and Pamphlet Reveal New Images + One New Pokemon [7/9]

    Anyone recognize this guy's sprite? I don't remember ever seeing a big blue blob thing.