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  1. Alexandraka

    Clefairy, Clefable, & Hitmonchan from ‘Pokemon Card 151’!

    Love the Hitmonchan art <3
  2. Alexandraka

    “Scarlet ex / Violet ex” Secret Rares! Rainbow Rares Gone, Special Illustration Trainers!

    Thank god the rainbow rares are gone :') Set looks awesome!
  3. Alexandraka

    “Scarlet & Violet” 3-Pack Blisters Revealed!

    So weird to see the grey borders x) Hopefully the holofoil will stay sparkly.
  4. Alexandraka

    “VSTAR Universe” All 90 Stunning Secret Rares Revealed!

    God damn. This set is just....*chef's kiss*. Pre-ordered a box - 3 of my bad bois in there. That special one art 9-card set is such a cool concept. I wonder how these will look in English.
  5. Alexandraka

    Solrock, Lunatone Art Rares from “VSTAR Universe!”

    I like them both still, but damn they did Solrock dirty with the art style compared to Lunatone (:
  6. Alexandraka

    “Crown Zenith” Tins Featuring Galarian Birds Revealed!

    Really cool that they're releasing these arts in tins : ) Means people don't have to open a billion packs to get some good arts at least
  7. Alexandraka

    Bibarel Art Rare from “VSTAR Universe!”

    That would be amazing!
  8. Alexandraka

    More Reprints and 15 “Art Rare” Cards Revealed from “VSTAR Universe!”

    I genuinely love the direction Pokemon cards have gone in. There is so much effort put into the cards. Even if they're difficult to get for an average pack opener, the fact that they are more creative, detailed, and unique is a wonderful change. These are so great!
  9. Alexandraka

    “Pokemon ex” Return, New “Scarlet & Violet” TCG Cards Revealed at Worlds!

    As a collector, this is so sick. I love the ex/EX styles. I love that it's a mix between a full art and EX card seeing as you can see the rest of the card behind the text box. I'm curious about the holo pattern they'll use for regular holos. So excited!
  10. Alexandraka

    Kanto Trio, Radiant Kanto Trio, and More from ‘Pokemon GO’ Revealed!

    Radiant Venusaur is gorgeos! This set is already way better than I expected. Can't wait :)
  11. Alexandraka

    All ‘Brilliant Stars’ Products Revealed, Plus Three New VMAX Pokemon Listed!

    Okay but really tho, how many eeveelutions promos do we need ._.
  12. Alexandraka

    Unique ’25th Anniversary Premium Collection Boxes’ Releasing for the Chinese TCG!

    I'm getting kind of tired of all of these exclusives :/ Pokemon knows what its doing. I'm in Europe and we get frick all when it comes to merch. These products are cool tho. Would love to have the playmats.
  13. Alexandraka

    Piplup Promo with Purchases at Pokemon Centers!

    Really hope this will come out in English :3
  14. Alexandraka

    'Pokemon Postal Stamp Box' Releasing, Contains Unique Full Art Promos and TCG Stamps!

    These are so cool! <3 And Bidoof is on one of them :D Hopefully I can get my hands on these!