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  1. WrightJustice

    News Legendary Pokemon Distributions, TCG Products Announced for 2018: Explains Some Things!

    They want me to leave my house for all these cover legendaries? Only Shiny Zygarde looks half worth it but even then I'm so fed up of needing to go find a GAME or worse to do pokemon events.
  2. WrightJustice

    News First 'Sun & Moon' English Set News!

    Then put any Nebby cards in your hand into your bag.
  3. WrightJustice

    News 'Sun & Moon Limited-Edition GX Starter Set' in December

    Thanks everyone for saying spoilers in a thread that has nothing to do with the leaks, it was very helpful to see info on Mimikyu that wasn't wanted.
  4. WrightJustice

    New Pokemon, Trainer Customization, Pokemon Refresh, and More for 'Sun' and 'Moon'!

    It literally says right there in the z-move description that there's only 8: "all of the eight Pokemon that Eevee can evolve into".
  5. WrightJustice

    New 'Sun' and 'Moon' Trailer: Alolan Professor Oak

    Oh my God, the official pokemon website has updated with Samson Oak and asks if he's the Alola form for Prof Oak.
  6. WrightJustice

    Alola Rattata and Munchlax with Snorlium-Z Included in Nintendo Direct News!

    Yungoos and Gumshoos are detectives and Alolan Rattata has a classic bad-guy moustache and seems to have a gang theme with Raticate being the boss.
  7. WrightJustice

    Alolan Raichu, Wishawashi, Pyukumuk, Morelull Revealed in Early Leaks!

    Except Hau's Pichu looks normal and Pikachu seems normal too. The difference is they're from alola and their evolution becomes alolan Raichu, same with Cubone and Exeggcute. I should think that if you sent a Pikachu over from XY then it would evolve into normal Raichu, at least that is how it...
  8. WrightJustice

    Alolan Forms, New Pokemon, Island Challenges, and Z-Moves in 'Sun' and 'Moon'!

    I did but it's more of the fact that Gumshoos is a pun on the slang word for detectives: Gumshoe, which Gumshoe's own name is based on. In other words it's a detective mongoose and hence its Stake Out ability.
  9. WrightJustice

    New Bear Pokemon Kiteruguma and Ghost Pokemon Mimikkyu in 'CoroCoro!'

    Pokebeach not going to report this video? There's so much in it! You can take off your hat, riding a bunch of different pokemon and what appears to be some kind of super move that is probably what fills in that 5th move slot we have seen.
  10. WrightJustice

    'Sun' and 'Moon' New 3DS XL and Fan Editions Announced for Europe!

    Steelbooks? I now understand why we get the games a week later! Clearly these fan editions need extra time to be made.
  11. WrightJustice

    News Mythical Pokemon Collections

    Can anyone work out what all the attacks and such are?
  12. WrightJustice

    Mythical Pokemon Distributions Each Month, New R/B 3DS Bundle

    I am curious as to why Yellow isn't included in the New3DS bundle, though EU is confirmed to get the RBY 2Dses so there is that.
  13. WrightJustice

    New Pokken Tournament Fighter to be Revealed Next Week!

    Gardevoir is psychic type though so we already have that.
  14. WrightJustice

    Rumor Control: 'Base Set' is Not Confirmed to be Reprinted at This Time

    Sadly still not seeing any corrections even with the news reveal, even /r/pokemon or /r/PKMNTCG don't seem to have the new news up.
  15. WrightJustice

    Mew OR/AS Download, RGBY-Themed 2DS to be Released with Mew!

    That's for the RGBY Mew which makes sense because there was no way to download stuff in gen 1 and its how the original Mew event works.
  16. WrightJustice

    'Blue Impact' / 'Red Flash' Japan's XY8 Sets, Next Set Block Titled 'XY: BREAK!'

    No it wouldn't since trick coin is for attacks only.
  17. WrightJustice

    'Blue Impact' / 'Red Flash' Japan's XY8 Sets, Next Set Block Titled 'XY: BREAK!'

    Vivillon sounds cool and all but it's a shame its ability is based on a coin flip.
  18. WrightJustice

    Diancie Wi-Fi Distribution

    Who cares if it happened before I'm glad it's wifi this time and I can get it.
  19. WrightJustice

    Spin-Off 'Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon' Launching Winter 2015

    Someone on reddit pointed out being able to visit the original continent, having to do a quiz for partner and I personally find it hilarious seeing the giant Wailord plop down next to the others.
  20. WrightJustice

    First 'Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon' Trailer

    Gigantic Wailord was my favourite part of the trailer.