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    Pokemon TCG Printed Record 9.7 Billion Cards in 2022!

    If you think Pokemon is bad you never heard of magics cards peeling from their backing. If you pulled a valuable card you had to sleeve it or it would start curling in hours. At least it takes Pokemon weeks to start doing that and it's an easy fix.
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    Pokemon TCG Printed Record 9.7 Billion Cards in 2022!

    No they've noticed. The breaking point started from mid Sun and Moon. I know this because my locals had a large influx of mtg players because the meta was so bad they looked at the TCG they once laughed off. Its been a slow burn ever since. This is why you didn't hear from them when Pokemon...
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    Pokemon TCG Printed Record 9.7 Billion Cards in 2022!

    That's because they get bought the first week it releases then sits there. Decades of criticism that their sets only have 3 to 5 cards of value and nothing else. That's why they're doing these crossover events and making them chase cards, because nobody wants to invest in a set for more than a box.
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    TPCi Issues Statement on Factory Theft, No Products Impacted

    Not sure how it all effects me because my pull rates have been straight garbage since early Sword and Shield. I was done buying boxes when I pulled under 5 Vs and 1 normal full art in 2 boxes.
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    Goodbye, Ash and Pikachu; “Pokemon Horizons: The Series” Title Announced!

    Ash isn't even gone and was hardly a good character and people who haven't watched the show in years already want him back.
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    Pokemon Judge Receives Lifetime Ban Following Harassment of Transgender Players at Tournament

    I mean Pokemon and more recently the TCG is not really seen as a nerd or niche thing anymore.
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    “Scarlet & Violet” Booster Pack Configuration Finally Revealed: Major Exciting Changes!

    I don't get people getting mad over normal rares. They where so devalued. When the TCG started people hated trainer rares because it was a complete waste of a pack. Fast forward 20 years trainer rares are better than 90% of the rares. During SM they hid staple trainers as uncommons even though...
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    “Scarlet & Violet” Fun Packs Already in Stores: New Reverse Holo Pattern Revealed!

    Even if it's the best since, it's still a c tier in comparison. I was hoping we'd get something closer to those reverse foils from the later ex sets. I knew we wouldnt because those where made when the TCG was at it's lowest to attract people. Still, maybe someday we'll see hype reverse foils
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    English-Exclusive Klara Promo Featured in March’s Premium Tournament Collections!

    It's been some time and I could be wrong but I believe Crystal Guardians was an English exclusive set. Japanese cards where printed but needed to be ordered
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    ‘Crown Zenith’ is the Final Set for PTCGO

    Nothing has changed. I doubt anyone here saw PTCGO when it launched because it was just as unusable and they hardly fixed their still broken trading system. TPCi should've fired them sooner.
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    “Scarlet ex / Violet ex” Secret Rares! Rainbow Rares Gone, Special Illustration Trainers!

    I was alright with rainbow rares, but once they switched them to supporters it was over. Ruined the entire point of full art supporters. Alt art extending to supporters is much better.
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    Ash Ketchum’s Journey Ends After 25 Years, Fulfilling Conditions of Pokemon Anime Director from 2008

    They need to change Ash out. Seems people forgot about Ash vs Roxie, where he doesn't know what a Koffing is yet he fought one on the daily. This has been an issue they've been having a difficult time dealing with as the series goes on. How do you portray Ash as a knowledgeable trainer while...
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    Standard Format Rotating in April, Pokemon Tool Errata Announced!

    They need to increase pull rates because causal retention is falling off. English pull rates where already lower than Japanese sets, and when we had sets where half of the set was V/alt/secret and full arts the cracks really showed. Even casual collectors knew to avoid Evolving Skies. I...
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    Penny, Arven, Jacq, and Other Trainer Cards Revealed from “Scarlet & Violet!”

    I thought I heard they wanted to move away from gust effects.
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    Local Leagues to Distribute Play! Pokemon Prize Packs

    If there's anything to go by later series will start carrying Japanese exclusive promos, then the real frenzy begins
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    First Scarlet & Violet TCG Sets Announced for Japan: “Scarlet ex,” “Violet ex,” “Triplet Beat!”

    Could you send imagine the frustration if they keep the pull rate the same on the Star pokemon? A whole new era of collectors will know what true pain is.
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    “Eevee Evolutions Premium Collection” from GameStop Revealed!

    The typings they have left don't fit in for Eevee as bug/steel doesn't fit in with how Eevee is supposed to work, with stones and happiness and dragon isn't something a pokemon has splashed into.
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    Pokemon Japan Takes Action Against Resealed Booster Boxes

    I dunno about the recent sets but preSwSh where definitely seeded.