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  1. GMAX_Snom

    All 139 Cards from “ex Start Decks” Revealed!

    That Magnezone art tho…
  2. GMAX_Snom

    Psyduck, Golduck from “Pokemon Card 151!”

    Finally… The Lugia counter is here (we didn’t need it they were already flipping tails)
  3. GMAX_Snom

    Pikachu ex, Pawmot Evolution Line from ‘Starter Set Pikachu ex & Pawmot’!

    I mean, yes, but the ability to go T1 item lock with evolutionary advantage Shinx is also reaaaally good
  4. GMAX_Snom

    “Arceus VSTAR Ultra-Premium Collection” Revealed, Exclusive to GameStop!

    They Were in the Worlds kits, but I think that’s about it
  5. GMAX_Snom

    Rotom, Zacian, and Zamazenta VSTAR Revealed from “VSTAR Special Set!”

    Rusted Shield does NOT work on Zamazenta Vstar. Rusted Shield specifies Zamazenta V, unlike Elemental Badge, which says: Pokémon V that have Vaporeon, Volteon, or Vlareon in their name.
  6. GMAX_Snom

    Pokemon Leagues to Resume Next Week!

  7. GMAX_Snom

    Hisuian Typhlosion Promo Giveaway at Gamestop!

    Ohh that’s quite cool. Thank you very much!
  8. GMAX_Snom

    Hisuian Typhlosion Promo Giveaway at Gamestop!

    Can someone who played PLA tell me why the flavor text at the bottom of the card says “I believe“ instead of something like ”it is believed“?
  9. GMAX_Snom

    Misdreavus, Mismagius from ‘Dark Phantasma’

    Probably Bibarel
  10. GMAX_Snom

    Misdreavus, Mismagius from ‘Dark Phantasma’

    It’s was a joke
  11. GMAX_Snom

    42 “Time Gazer” and “Space Juggler” Secret Rares!

    Ability says that you can search your deck for 2 tools if it’s your active Pokémon. It also has a psychic attack (I think it’s 20+50).
  12. GMAX_Snom

    Machamp VMAX and Kleavor VSTAR from ‘Time Gazer’ and ‘Space Juggler!’

    Machamp could actually be good? With the new stadium and the new pickaxe item, we might have something? Oh wait… Weak to psychic, nevermind
  13. GMAX_Snom

    Upcoming Calyrex VMAX League Battle Decks, Trainer’s Toolkit #3, and Summer Tins… With Changes!

    Arceus V/Vstar inside? (Probably 2 lumineon but we can dream)