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  1. Gethbert

    Treasures of Ruin Cards, New Evolution / Devolution Technical Machines Revealed from SV4!

    Is it just me who find ting-lu a slight shame, It would Be SOO much better for FFC that way we could Gate + Attach From hand 220 burst, maybe like a fighting type zam for lz, instead the card will most likely stay mediocre until [F] excel, (which with pkmns track record is never.)
  2. Gethbert

    Gholdengo ex and Gimmighoul Illustration Rares, Jirachi, and More from “Raging Surf!”

    Ok but like, what about jirachi in LZ. It helps in mirror AND gardi can't use cress. Sign me up
  3. Gethbert

    Snorunt and Groudon Illustration Rares from “Raging Surf!”

  4. Gethbert

    Flame of Many Colors — The Variants of Charizard ex

    Point 0.5: Wondering If We Haould Move This From The Debate On An Artical Point 1: Online Results are every impressive, however the offline data is far more trust worthy & the online tournament scene is far more warped & different compared to offline. Point 2: This is only the one game on...
  5. Gethbert

    Flame of Many Colors — The Variants of Charizard ex

    Do you have the list :)
  6. Gethbert

    Flame of Many Colors — The Variants of Charizard ex

    Thats an interesting point however I personally don't agree, drifloon + damage pump is FAR too much to set up & in those slots you can play more energy, penny pad, concitancy or more, Zacian V + Gardevoir are very difficult to punish, also even with pumps you still have to loads energy onto your...
  7. Gethbert

    Flame of Many Colors — The Variants of Charizard ex

    Quite a bit off stuff, also you can often 2 H, K.0 or knock out Benched Pokémon. LZ Decks can uses Sableye to try to keep Charmander off the board and more Sableye & Cramorant too poke then finish it off with R-Zard, Giratina, Scizor, Goodra, Dragonite e.c.t. Chien Bax is simple, however...
  8. Gethbert

    Deoxys, Heat Rotom, Volcanion, and More from Tera Mewtwo and Skeledirge Decks!

    Find it funny that an enharently BONKERS card in xatu a single prizer that draws and attaches is seen as mediocre because of how *NUTS* standard is, (not complaining I love standard rn.) It does have a small niche over gardi in that it doesn't have to attach to psychic Pokémon.
  9. Gethbert

    Gholdengo ex, Hoopa ex, and Illustration Rares from “Raging Surf” Revealed!

    Depends the context its not the worst supporter out of context just in standard, I can thing of many formats where it would be a decent or great card.
  10. Gethbert

    All “Path to the Peak” Episodes Released, Are Its Unreleased Cards Real?

    Random point but very good article, very well made and in depth :)
  11. Gethbert

    “Jirachi V Box” Spotted in France!

    I wonder why brilliant stars, feel like Astral Radiance makes more sense but who knows. 🤷‍♀️ Cool product with 2 cards, (particularly the absol.) I’m quite fond of.
  12. Gethbert

    TCG Fakes A New Set!

    UPDATE, the Paradox Pokémon added to this set have the Past & Future tags, makes sense. Not much else. :)
  13. Gethbert

    Absol from “Raging Surf” Revealed!

  14. Gethbert

    New World Champion Promos Debut After Seven Years!

    I hate how this incourgaes big basic game play. Back in MY DAY it it invited you to the play in 2011 now they invite you to play in 2023, terrible game design; shame tcpi shame
  15. Gethbert

    Absol from “Raging Surf” Revealed!

    Neat, nothing ground breaking but nice art, fine enough attack and a decent attack cost; this is what I think filer should be in the TCG Candy & Switch reprints make sense.
  16. Gethbert

    Tera Mewtwo ex and Tera Skeledirge ex Revealed!

    Cool to see more stage 2s be genuinely decent
  17. Gethbert

    Tera Mewtwo ex and Tera Skeledirge ex Revealed!

    It seems decent, unfortunately the same could be said for gardi and that is a better type, better evolution line and has more uses.