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  1. PumpedAaron

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hey guys. Long time no see. It's been about 3 years or so since I was last active, but here I am again! I'm your resident Machamp fan. While I like Pokemon, and play the VG and TCG, I've taken quite a shining to Puyo Puyo lately. Howdidy doo!
  2. PumpedAaron

    Hey guys. Long time no see

    Hey guys. Long time no see
  3. PumpedAaron

    XY Pokken Tournament News!

    Heh. You know what's cool? Gengar, Gardevoir, and Lucario were all playable Pokémon in the indie-ish Pokémon fighting game, Pokémon Type Wild. It feels rather Nostalgic seeing Gengar like this. I dunno if he has Sucker Punch, though!
  4. PumpedAaron

    Dragonite Distribution at Gamestop in June

    Well! As far as I can tell, I will probably benefit from this event substantially. I was playing the TCG rather than the VG during the Black & White era, so I don't recall ever receiving an Extreme Speed Dragonite. And from what I can tell in 6th gen, the only way to breed the move to other...
  5. PumpedAaron

    Welcome to the Brand New PokéBeach! Come On In!

    You were right, Water! I only just got back here after making that post, and it already looks so much more beautiful.
  6. PumpedAaron

    Wi-Fi Trades Looking for Hidden Ability Pokemon

    Hi Amy! If you're still interested, I've got Pancham! My Friend Code: 1779 2872 3520 In-Game name: P.Aaron
  7. PumpedAaron

    XY The Unknown Impact Of Pokken Tournament

    I am totally looking forward to Pokken myself, and to think of it as being said by the creator to hopefully have as much competitive prominence as the official VGC and TCG Championship series... that would be wonderful! I've been playing fighting games too, so I can be ready.
  8. PumpedAaron

    Welcome to the Brand New PokéBeach! Come On In!

    Phew... this new layout feels so much puffier and daunting than the old one, but it looks like I'm starting to get the hang of it. It certainly looks a little deeper artistically!
  9. PumpedAaron


    Welcome to the "I ran out of ideas for April Fool's Day" page ^.==.^!
  10. PumpedAaron

    Pokemon How Quickly You Finish Your Pokémon Playthrough?

    RE: How quickly do you play through a Pokémon game? Well... let's see, the story itself isn't bad, but the fact that it prolongates the game, and tries to manipulate me into thinking I'm achieving something more than I'm actually achieving? Its annoying. The meaty competitive environment is so...
  11. PumpedAaron

    ‘Pokken Tournament’ Gameplay Revealed, 100 Screenshots! [1/23]

    I WIN I WIN ahahhahah!! This game is very gratifying to me.
  12. PumpedAaron

    XY5 'Gaia Volcano' and 'Tidal Storm' Leaking! [12/10]

    Yayyyyyyyyy!!! Maxie's Hidden Trick makes Machamp 5/5!
  13. PumpedAaron

    Pokemon What Is Your Signature Pokémon?

    The Machop family! I love muscles!
  14. PumpedAaron

    Pokemon Burnt Out On Pokémon?

    I haven't been playing Pokemon much lately, but its not due to a perceived sad event happening within the community/company to discourage me, I just really got into fighting games recently. I'll probably pick up Smash Bros "4" if I ever get lucky, and I would REALLY like to try Pokken. If...
  15. PumpedAaron

    Gallade Sweep (Gallade / Dugtrio)

    Just to be clear on this, I'm assuming you want to attach Rainbow Energy to a benched Pokemon? That way, Gallade's Pandamonium Blade does more damage.
  16. PumpedAaron

    Thank you so much for your nice joke name. I've had it prancing in my head for a long time, but...

    Thank you so much for your nice joke name. I've had it prancing in my head for a long time, but I hardly found someone to verbalize it for me. ^.==.^
  17. PumpedAaron

    Swampert, Sceptile, Torchic Promo with 'Ancient Traits' [11/13]

    TOASTYY!! Pikachu and Machamp vs. Liu Kang and Goro, ~LET"S GOOO~
  18. PumpedAaron

    MacLand (Machamp / Landorus EX)

    Don't forget about fighting against Pyroar FLF! You'll probably use Machop, Machoke, or Machamp as attackers against him, aye? EDIT: Ah! I just saw that you mentioned something like that. Good on you.
  19. PumpedAaron

    2014 World Champions Crowned, No Announcement for Next Year's Location [8/17]

    HUH. I'm assuming these Decks managed to defeat a handful of Garbodor??
  20. PumpedAaron

    PTCGO Tournament Alpha Testing

    Tournament Testing August 8, 9:00 PM to 3:00 PM PDT (West Coast America).